HVAC Resource Company Cools on Paper, Heats Up to Mobile Apps with GoCanvas on iPads

By scott shea on April 15, 2012

HVAC Service Tech Using Mobile Apps with Canvas

An HVAC Resource company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico has recently added GoCanvas to their Sales and Technical Support Team.  Making the most of recently acquired iPad’s, this small company serves the HVAC industry in three states and the Sales team is constantly on the road.  Prior to using GoCanvas, the remote workers were using paper based forms to fill out job information.  This dated way of doing business proved to be slow and costly.  Now, after subscribing to GoCanvas, their business is faster, cleaner and more efficient.

The Sales team was able to build their very own mobile form with our user-friendly app builder.  The simple drag and drop process enables them to capture all the basic customer and project information as well as detailed descriptions about the work and materials that are necessary to complete the specific job.  The team is even able to clock how long they are on the job and the mileage it takes to get there!  Once the information is submitted, often far from headquarters back in Albuquerque, the information is received in real time back in the office with a customer’s signature!  No more wasted time waiting for job reports that may be illegible. Check out this help topic to learn how to build your very own app!   https://www.gocanvas.com/content/how-to/post/how-to-build-a-simple-canvas-application

This company is also utilizing one of the most recent features added to Canvas  — Unique Submission Numbering! GoCanvas can now generate a unique number for each PDF generated by your GoCanvas Apps. You can configure the formatting of the number, too!

Take a visit to the GoCanvas Application Store to find apps for how you do business.