How Top Small Businesses Use Technology

By Michael Benedict on June 18, 2015

How Top Small Businesses Use TechnologySmall businesses and mid-sized businesses have no choice but to stay up to date on technology. But how are the top small businesses really using technology and what’s working to get them ahead of their competition?

Mobile and the cloud are popular with small businesses today. Companies with fewer than 20 employees are more likely to be using the cloud than large companies, and the best small businesses know that embracing mobile also means growth: those SMBs that use mobile payments intensively, for instance, see revenues grow twice as fast as their peers. “A growing majority of SMBs regard mobile solutions as essential business enablers, with 60 percent saying mobile solutions are critical to business,” says Laurie McCabe, an analyst with the SMB Group. “Mobile solutions also account for a growing share of small business technology budgets when we compare findings over the past four years.”

Find more details about what’s working for the best small businesses and then get yours up to speed. 

How Top Small Businesses Use Technology

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