How to Successfully Deploy Mobile Apps in Your Enterprise Business

By danny white on February 3, 2014

A properly planned, developed and deployed mobile strategy can save your company time, money from the start. The operative word in that previous sentence is properly and it’s not easy.

Working in enterprise mobility for the past 3 years, I’ve seen the good and the bad when it comes to mobile deployments. I’ve been called in to “clean up” unsuccessful mobile initiatives and I’ve helped launch successful deployments from scratch. So, to offer some help for the technology executives planning to launch, I’ll share a few tips I’ve learned from my experiences.

You can have your workforce mobile, productive quickly (source)

1) Stay Focused

Hone in on one important business problem to solve or one business process to improve. Doing so ensures the ability to measure progress against your goals and that the app won’t become too cumbersome.

2) Set Attainable Benchmarks/Checkpoints

Breaking up the daunting task of rolling out new mobile software into easily manageable chunks will provide the structure needed to be successful.

3) Choose a test group of power users

A “proper” mobile app deployment is often determined by early adoption. If no one wants to use the app, it’s not going to be successful! Choose 5-50 test users that you know are passionate about mobile to provide you the feedback you need.

Plus, those power users will generate excitement. Getting them going, being productive will cause other employees to look over their shoulder to see what they’re doing.

4) Start and Finish Deploying Version 1.1

Don’t switch to 1.2 part way through. I’ve seen many organizations try to deploy an app that is too buggy to be successful, only to witch gears mid-deployment and try to roll out a new, better version. It’s better to stick to buggy 1.1, get it out to everybody and then patch, launch and train on 1.2.

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