How to solve your biggest work order problems with one switch

By katie simpson on July 10, 2014

One switch will help you relax about your work orders. Photo credit: osamukaneko via photopin cc

For many industries: work orders are necessary evils. They are crucial records of work done, important for labor costs, invoicing, and so much more. But day to day? Work orders often only give you headaches. Do you struggle with:

  • Missing work orders
  • Slow sale cycles
  • Inaccurate information
  • Confused customers

If you struggle with any of these issues, switching to a work order app can help remove all of these issues. Here’s how:

Paper work orders are slow

There’s no way to get around it: paper work orders are slow. With technicians helping customers all over, it can be hours or days before work orders return to your office. Then, you have to spend additional time entering this information into your system. Paper work orders cause delays for various parts of your business: in responding to your customers, as well as invoicing for work.

Switching to a mobile work order will streamline this process dramatically. Every finished mobile work order is sent immediately to the cloud. There, your office can access it immediately. In real time you can respond to customer needs, or send out an invoice. Not only do you lower your administrative costs, but also shorten your sale cycle.

Paper work orders are full of inaccuracies

Human errors happen. With paper work orders, it’s easy for forms to come back missing information, or with illegible handwriting. More problematic can be bad calculations, either giving away your service, or dealing with an irate customer on the phone. These issues are costing you in headaches and in time wasted on fixing these errors.

With a mobile work order, these inaccuracies can be a thing of the past. With one click, you can make fields required. A technician can try to submit a form, but if the required field isn’t filled, the form won’t go anywhere. Going mobile ensures you get the full form each and every time.

In addition, mobile work orders also come back more accurate. How? Mobile apps have abilities to reduce human error, including:

  • Prepopulated drop down lists
  • Computer powered calculations
  • Barcode scanning
  • One click photos
  • Location with GPS

These are just some of the many powerful tools you can use with mobile apps. Need to take detailed notes? Many smartphones and tablets have speech to text feature. All of these features make your work orders faster and reduce the possibility of error. You’ll enjoy accurate information and spend less time fixing mistakes.

Assigning work orders can be difficult

With your technicians visiting sites, it can be difficult to schedule jobs through the day. Even if a technician has a set list in the morning, one customer could cancel or an emergency could come up as well. You can call or send an email about the jobs, but it’s easy to get confused or miss the information entirely. Or your technicians could come back to the office, but that wastes time and gas on various trips.

With a mobile work order, you can use a light dispatch to send job information directly to your technicians. All your office has to do is send prepopulated work orders. Your technicians will get a notification on their phone or tablet. They’ll see where they need to go, when, and what work needs to get done.

No fuzzy phone calls, no missed emails. Just easy communication as your technicians get more done each and every day.

Paper work orders can confuse customers

Has this happened? A customer gets a hard to read carbon copy and then keeps you on the phone for thirty minutes trying to understand what exactly happened. Or, they can’t find their work order and want another copy sent. Paper work orders are often messy, hard to read, and easy to lose. All of this adds up to more time spent trying to help your customers.

A mobile work order can help your customers in a variety of ways. Each and every work order can be sent directly to your customer’s inbox. They’ll enjoy an easy to read PDF in their inbox, reducing the rate of people losing information. Even better? Any photos will be included. With before and after, images can help customers see what work was done more quickly than a long winded phone conversation.

With a mobile work order, your customers will enjoy better access to information. You’ll spend less time clearing up their confusion and more time on billable work.

In the service industry, work orders are a part of the business. By going mobile, you can have faster sale cycles, reduced administrative costs, and have more information than before.

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