How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Small Business

By Jason Peck on May 5, 2015

happy small business week from Canvas

You may or may not be one of the 20-30 million small businesses in the United Sates. But there’s no denying that small businesses play a huge role in our lives. We’re proud to work with thousands of small businesses each day. 

We’ve found that the businesses we work with are always looking for a leg up. They’re always looking to optimize their processes. Better service is always a goal. They always want to get more work done and operate more efficiently. 

In honor of Small Business Week, here are a few tips for how your business can improve its efficiency. 

Collect Better Data

All businesses and organizations have information they need to collect. A lot of times this means that a bunch of forms need to get filled out. 

With GoCanvas, it’s easy to take what your employees and contractors are doing via paper forms and manual processes and do this on mobile devices. You can eliminate errors associated with skipped fields, bad calculations, bad handwriting, lost forms and more. One of our subscribers was losing $10,000 a month before using GoCanvas. 

But it’s not just about digitizing what you’re doing today. It’s time to start capturing better information than you were before, such as pictures, GPS locations, mobile payments and more accurate data.  

Share More

We believe (and we’ve seen it in our own company) that one of the biggest competitive advantages can be the information that gets shared within a company and the speed that this information moves. There’s no need to wait for days for reports, inspections, invoices, work orders, audits and other information to come back to the office. With GoCanvas, your employees can easily capture this information and share it in real-time. 

Within our own company, we share every metric (expect salary info) with everyone. We are also moving away from email and using Slack for more open communication and collaboration. This helps ensure that our employees have the best information to make the best decisions with the most impact.

Learn From Your Data

Collecting and sharing business information is great. But what really matters is how you learn from it.

Who is performing best? What areas in your business are creating problems and inefficiencies? What does this mean for cash flow? How does this affect the way you allocate resources?

With GoCanvas, you can easily analyze all the data being captured and use it to improve your efficiency. 

Automate Manual Processes

Manual processes can be pretty painful and cost a lot of money (time and resources). 

With GoCanvas, getting approvals, dispatching jobs and moving business information from one group to another can be easily automated to save time and improve efficiency. 

Ready to improve the efficiency of your small business? 

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