How To Gain Buy In For Enterprise Adoption of Mobile Business Apps

By Stuart Kelly on December 3, 2013

If you’re a regular reader of the GoCanvas blog, you’ll most certainly know that we’re pretty passionate about the power of mobile apps as a game-changer in business. But we’re a unique bunch at the same time so we don’t expect this to be a commonly held belief across the enterprise market. So how do you, as a forward-thinking, passionate IT professional get the powers that be in your organisation to see the light that is mobile business apps?

The path is already paved for you (source)

Well, here’s some food for thought when positioning your ideas to management: 

1. Smallest Possible Learning Curve 

Mobile apps are everywhere. They’ve fundamentally changed the way we shop, bank, research, consume media, communicate & connect. More and more of the workforce is familiar with and uses mobile apps regularly. So why shouldn’t businesses and enterprises embrace them to drive greater business efficiencies?

 2. Time to Deploy

 Mobile business apps are built by smart people. People who have thought long and hard about the problems that need solving in business today. The particular app may not meet 100% of your perfect world requirements but it’s highly likely to meet north of 75% of them right out of the box.

GoCanvas understands this and give you the self-serve tools to close in on that magical 100%. The reality is, that 75%+ of a problem solved today is way more beneficial to your business than scrambling towards 100% in 12 months time with a 6 or even 7 figure price tag.

3. Simplified Internal Approvals

When you simplify the solution, as is the case with mobile business apps, you inevitably reduce the overheads of cost and resources needed to review, evaluate and approve decisions within the business. Less red-tape means faster decisions, and more efficient business!

4. Continuous Improvement  

Mobile apps are constantly being refreshed with improvements and fixes. The best bit is that these changes are not at the end-users cost. They are however driven by and in response to end user requests and feedback. GoCanvas is constantly making changes in response to feedback to make our mobile app fit your needs.

 5. Try Before You Buy

 GoCanvas provides a 30-day free period as a kick-off for each business. So for no upfront cost, you can mobilise your business processes with our mobile app for some or even all of your staff to gain the real world insights as to the impacts and benefits. Then, in the full comfort of a known ROI and staff feedback, you can deploy the mobile app throughout your organisation.

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