How to Eliminate Process Delays With Workflow Automation

By Michael Benedict on August 11, 2016

paperless workflowWe’ve all experienced the headache of rushing to turn paperwork in at the last minute. Whether it had to be re-keyed into a computer, checked for accuracy, or approved by another supervisor, paperwork provides constant hurdles that seem impossible to avoid. No one likes wasted time, paper, or effort, but information still needs to be documented and processed. So what’s the solution? Cue automated workflow.

Workflow Automation

Automating workflow inside your organization helps eliminate delays that regular paperwork causes, creating efficiencies that boost the bottom line. Through automated workflow, things like job estimates, time cards, and inspection information are captured on mobile forms, with each section immediately available for another person in the organization to view and act upon. Whoever needs to see the next section is immediately notified on their smartphone or tablet, which ensures that forms are not ignored. Not only are delays prevented, but accountability is strengthened. Allowing field technicians, drivers, and other remote workers to be just as connected to the back office as someone sitting at a desk in the office guarantees transparent and more efficient business processes.

Businesses of all size and scope can benefit from automating their workflow to make day-to-day activities more efficient. Take a North American leading CNG transportation company, Certarus, for example. With 35 employees and entirely too much paperwork, the company decided they wanted to trade in their paperwork for a mobile app that could be easily accessible from mobile devices in different locations. Since making the switch to GoCanvas apps, Certarus has submitted more than 15,000 forms such as time cards and vacation requests, saving an enormous amount of time and energy for the company.

Want to learn more about how Certarus made the switch to mobile forms and get information on how workflow automation can change your business? Download the free eBook, How Digitizing Workflow Will Transform Your Business, to see how workflow automation can keep you ahead of the competition.

What else is in the eBook? Discover how to:

  • Achieve checks and balances in approval processes to ensure that all materials are delivered and reviewed by the right people.
  • Take advantage of richer data such as photos, diagrams, and bar codes.
  • Use mobile forms to receive alerts and automate documents to keep your employees and business on track.

Eliminate Paperwork and Automate Workflow

How Digitizing Workflow Will Transform Your Business