How To Create the Perfect Mobile Risk Assessment Checklist

By keith bateman on October 17, 2016

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Risk is why OSHA exists. It is why companies have entire departments and managers dedicated to monitoring and controlling the effects of it. 

Organizations that don't properly monitor and track risk within their operations usually find a future filled with injuries, fines, lawsuits, and sometimes fatalites

To avoid these situations, companies have relied on a process of manual paper-based reporting. These reports are usually filled out daily or weekly from site to site, and eventually turned into the office where they are organized for future reporting. 

This is where the trouble begins. 

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Once the forms are returned to the office (usually not on time) it is now the office's job to manually transcribe all of this data from paper into their current database. This critical, days-long process is the final step in getting the data in a format that allows the organization to analyze where risk is present and what actions need to be taken. 

The issue isn't that most organizations can't get risk assessment data, it's that by the time the data is turned into a report the data is now weeks old and out of date. This inhibits real-time decisions from being made and can cause the same issues that are associated with risk to occur. 

So how can an organization increase the speed & accuracy of risk assessments? Going mobile!

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The benefits of going mobile with your risk assessment forms revolve around the ability of being able to capture, share, and learn from data in real-time. No more waiting. A mobile Risk Assessment Checklist allows you to make proactive decisions before risk turns into liability. You are now able to forecast and identify harmful trends among your worksites, which allows the company to implement corrective actions that can eliminate risk and significantly reduce future risk. 

So what do you need to ensure that you have all the right information to forcast harmful trends? Check out the features below to see what you need to create the perfect mobile Risk Assessment Checklist. 

How to Create an Awesome Mobile Risk Assessment Checklist

How to setup image capture with Canvas

Incorporate Image Capture: The advantage to using mobile over paper is that you can easily incorporate features that are built into your mobile device.  The ability to capture a photo while filling out your risk assessment is extremely beneficial for documenting potential safety violations or infractions. With this feature, you can take a photo and draw on top of the photo on your mobile device in order to highlight or point out details. 

How to build in automatic scoring with Canvas

Setup Auto-Scoring: Unlike paper,  where you have to manually count the amount of infractions on a given job site and assign a grade, a mobile inspection can eliminate this step entirely by automatically calculating the score for you. You can customize how points get added or deducted, and then how total scores get calculated/assigned. They can even be color coded for easy reporting!

How to setup conditional logic with Canvas

Map Out Conditional Logic: My favorite perk of using a mobile risk assessment is that you can build in “smart logic”, or the ability to have mobile form change based on how previous questions are answered. For example, if I check off “Item A” as “Failed”, then it will automatically require me to take a photo of the failure and type in a comment. If I had checked off “Passed”, then I would automatically proceed to “Item B”. This can save employees time and confusion by only filling out fields that apply based on their specific responses, and automatically detouring around questions that don't apply. 

How to use Workflow with Canvas

Create a Managerial Workflow: Paper forms force you to fax, scan, or manually drive the contents from person to person in order for the reports to be reviewed and signed off upon. With a mobile Risk Assessment Checklist, you are able to create a digital workflow processes that enabled an employee to fill out a form on their mobile device and have the contents automatically be sent to their supervisors device for approval & comment. This takes out all manual distribution and ensures that the correct supervisors receive the reports in real-time, and are able to analyze the data in order to make the correct decisions. 

Create custom dashboards with GoCanvas Business Insights

Data Analysis with GoCanvas Business Insights: One of the big pitfalls of paper is that it takes days, if not weeks, to fully report and analyze the data that is collected. When it comes to data that involves safety, time is always of the essence. With GoCanvas Business Insights(CBI), you are able to take the data being collected in real-time on employee mobile devices and view the results in an Excel based dashboard measuring custom KPIs. This can allow you to get instant insight into which sites are failing their assessments, which are passing, and what actions needs to be taken to prevent any potential onsite hazards. CBI allows your company to become proactive, instead of reactive. 

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