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How to Create a Roof Inspection Checklist

By Nick Mirisis on November 20, 2019

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Roof Inspection Checklist

The GoCanvas system can be used to optimize nearly every element of a building inspection, including the roof inspection process. The process of completing an attentive roof inspection is both incredibly tedious and immensely important. Here is a quick look at how you can create a digital roof inspection checklist that can help you streamline this process while improving accuracy and efficiency!


Mobile Checklist Creation

 Getting your roof inspection checklist started is simple when you have an advanced app creation system like GoCanvas. First, make sure that you have your GoCanvas account set up. Accessible from both a computer desktop and the GoCanvas mobile app, you can create and access your roof inspection checklist from almost anywhere. Once you have your GoCanvas account ready to go, you can access a wide variety of templates within the GoCanvas Application Store, which will help you create your perfect roof inspection checklist app!

Roof Inspection Checklist Pre-Built Templates

To create your roof inspection checklist, you can start from scratch by creating a completely custom app or skip a few steps by using the Roof Inspection Checklist pre-built template. This app includes advanced features like Signature Capture, the ability to upload databases (like material lists), Workflow, and Dispatch. With the GoCanvas Roof Inspection Checklist template, you will find that necessary form fields and inspection elements are already included within the desired format. This app template can help you save time with the roof inspection process.

Customize your Checklist

Next, you can customize your checklist to accommodate your company’s unique roof inspection process. Add, delete, or edit the desired checklist fields until your complete process is accounted for. You can make the roof inspection checklist as detailed or as brief as you prefer, with no included limitations on the number of form fields you can add. You can then include your company’s name, logo, and other branding elements to make the checklist unique to your business. 

Final Steps

Once you finish personalizing your Roof Inspection Checklist, your app will be ready for immediate use. You can share this app with your entire team to get everyone on the same page. Enhance your company’s productivity by providing your employees with tools that encourage their best possible performance. 

This advanced inspection checklist app can also provide clarity to your customers and other third parties. Send this checklist to insurance companies for claims, or use this app to create invoices and sales orders for roof replacements and repairs. If any element of your roof inspection process changes over time, you can effortlessly revisit and edit your app to reflect your new inspection process.

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Similar Roofing Inspection Apps

If you are in need of a specialized roofing checklist, here are some other templates that may be able to help:

As with each of these templates, you can add and edit form fields for easy customization and advanced personalization. If you currently have a paper checklist that you use for your roof inspection process, send it to GoCanvas and we will create a mobile version for you for free!

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Create your ideal roof inspection checklist using the GoCanvas system today! If you need further assistance customizing your checklist app, take advantage of GoCanvas’s personalized customer support! For all of your checklist apps, mobile forms, and digital processes across industries, the GoCanvas system is designed to help! Get started for free today!