How to Create A Building Inspection App in One Hour

By katie simpson on February 28, 2014

Whether you work in commercial or residential construction, inspections are crucial in your line of work. Inspections, however, take time away from the important renovation or construction work you do. For many businesses, you can’t even bill for time spent on this work.

Behind every crane is atleast a dozen building inspections. Photo credit: mugley via photopin cc

Switching to a building inspection app will save you hours of work. Going mobile will make your inspection on site faster with checkboxes, autopopulated fields, photo and GPS capture. Going moilbe will also save you work down the road. Every submission goes straight to the cloud for instant access and easy integration into a variety of backend systems.

Today, you don’t need any coding or technological expertise to create a building inspection app. In fact, you could get started using a mobile app today. Here are few ways.

1) 20,000 Apps and Counting

Some mobile app companies, like GoCanvas have stores with templates ready made. We have 20,000 apps and more ranging across industries and form types. For building inspections, we have over many different templates ready for use including forms like building inspection checklists. These are based off of customer forms and previous experience with mobile building inspections. They range countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and China. They even break down into a variety of form types including checklists, certifications, audits and tests.

Commercial Building Inspection Checklists

Just some of the many building inspections you’ll find in our application store!

With a free trial, you can download and start using any of them today. Once you sign in, find an app you like. Hit Get App and it’s ready for use on your smartphone or tablet.

2) Edit or Build from the Ground Up

For many, an application store has apps that fit 80 or 90% of their organization’s needs, but it’s missing some details you need. Wherever you end up going with mobile apps, make sure you can edit your building inspection app once it is in your account.

With GoCanvas, any app you get from our store can be tweaked and perfected in our mobile app builder. You can change, add or remove entire fields, add additional functions,  customize the output to reflect your brand, and so much more. None of this requires coding: simply drag and drop. Once you’re done, hit save and publish and the updated app will be sent immediately to your smartphone or tablet.

3) Send Us Your Building Inspection and We’ll Convert it — For Free

Don’t have time to focus on creating your own digital building inspection? Not a problem. Send us your form, and we’ll convert the first one for free. That’s right: we’ll do all the work, and you won’t pay a cent.  We have expert mobile app builders who will take the building inspection form you use now and convert it into an easy to use mobile app.

To be fair, this building inspection app won’t be ready in one hour. We do promise you will have a ready to use app in 2-3 days. Once it’s ready, you can be up and running straight away.