How to Build A Mobile Inspection App in One Hour

By katie simpson on January 23, 2014

Whether you work in HVAC, Retail or Hospitality, inspections are important. Still, they are slow and inefficient, especially if you're still using paper. At GoCanvas, we understand your time is precious. Here are a few tips to build a mobile inspection app – today, or in the next hour. 

Step One: The Application Store

Canvas Search Page Results
Just six of the over 1,000 options you'll find in our store!

Search inspections in our Application Store, and you'll find 1546 options used through different industries around the world. Don't worry: you can narrow it down with a more specific search. For instance, are you in oil and gas? We have over 51 inspections for  rigs aloneHit Get App, and it will go straight to your account at no cost to you. In seconds, you've just got a ready made app, tested by other companies experience in the field. 

Step Two: Tailor the Fit to Your Business

For most businesses, you'll still need to edit your app a bit before you can start using it. Any app you download from our store can be tailored for you. Just open up our app builder, to add, remove, or edit items in your app. Here are some quick edits many use for mobile inspections.

a) GPS location capture
Do your inspections take you to multiple locations? Don't have your workers scrambling to find the address. Add a GPS capture to the form, and let GoCanvas do the work in seconds

b) Drop down value list
Do you have a range of values beyond pass or fail? A drop down list makes it easy to choose one of multiple values. 

c) Required items
Do you require certain information in every inspection? It's possible to make every field required in our app builder. Simply click the required box. Even if your inspectors skip the field, GoCanvas won't let them move forward until they fill out that field. 

These are just a few ways to make your GoCanvas mobile inspections perfect for you. Make as many or as few edits as you like with no extra charge. If you want to learn more, check out our tutorial on editing apps

Step Three: Test it, Perfect it 

Formula 1 Vehicle

Before you can hit 100 mph, you have to test it for the perfect ride (Narain Karthikeyan, source)

I'll admit it: this step takes more than an hour. But, like your earlier forms, it takes time  to tailor your inspection to fit to your needs. Testing your mobile inspection is the best way to figure out what works, and what doesn't work for you and your workers. 

Do you plan on having multiple users? Have them test the mobile experience. We suggest at least one tech savvy user, and their complete opposite try out the mobile inspection. That way, you'll be able to handle a whole range of your users needs. 

As time goes on, your business needs may change or grow. The best part of a mobile inspection with GoCanvas? It grows with you. Your subscription allows for unlimited number of apps in our store, and the full power of our mobile app builder. As you grow, your mobile inspections will grow with you, but the price tag won't. 

Want a quick way to get started? Check out all of Canvas's FREE mobile inspection apps.

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