How to Build an Inspection App for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry with GoCanvas (Video)

By Jason Good on April 25, 2012

Build your own app with Canvas

One of Canvas’s most-loved features is the ability to build ability to build and edit <a href=’’>your own app</a> so you can capture the data you need to capture for your business.  And one particular type of user that has really taken to GoCanvas is the Inspector.  Inspections are one of the top uses of GoCanvas.  We work with fire inspectors, building inspectors, laboratory inspectors, home inspectors, manufacturing facility inspectors, and a lots of safety inspectors across all kinds of industries.  GoCanvas allows all of these inspectors to customize their own mobile inspection by using Canvas’s powerful App Builder.  This video will show you how to build a simple inspection form using GoCanvas!

Whether you are an existing GoCanvas customer or someone evaluating GoCanvas with our Free Trial Offer, the ability to edit and customize <a href=’’>your own app</a> with GoCanvas is something we really want you to know about.  With GoCanvas, you have the ability to build a GoCanvas App and deploy it to all of your users very quickly.  If you want to collect data from your mobile users then GoCanvas gives you the platform to do it whenver you want.  Or if you just need to update your form then you can quickly edit your GoCanvas App and publish the changes out to your users right away.  Updating paper forms requires throwing away all of the existing copies (Hopefully you’re recycling them!) and then distributing new versions out to all of your users.

This video will walk you through the basic steps for building a simple inspection app with GoCanvas.  Once you master the basics, you can get into building more complex apps to address the needs of your business.  You do need to have an account with GoCanvas in order to do this yourself so sign-up for our Free 30-Day Trial (There is no obligation!) if you are not already a customer.

Here is more help for building apps with GoCanvas…

Please contact Canvas if you need help!  We have a staff of Mobile App Consultants that loves to help businesses big and small go mobile with GoCanvas!