How the Best Enterprises Use Android Business Apps

By Stephen Minus on March 20, 2014

A saying that I’ve heard countless times growing up is, “the only way that we can grow is if we change”. Some of the most successful enterprise businesses have embraced this mindset and are always trying to innovate.  This is becoming more crucial in today’s environment where technology is rapidly changing. The most recent trend and undeniable form of technology that is being for enterprise businesses has been the utilization of business apps.

The Struggle for Intra-Communication

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Paper is causing a disconnect between workers in the same company. Photo credit: peddhapati via photopin cc 

Nowhere is this trend more evident than in data collection and communication. Previously, processes required several steps to send out information and to retrieve it from the field. First, field workers would have to fill out the information on paper. Then, they would have to physically return it to the office. This could happen hours or days after the information was collected. Finally, they or another employee would be required to enter this information a second time into the database. Slow intra-communications due to paper cost companies thousands of hours in productivity.

Through the use of Android apps, businesses have been able way to communicate more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With the help of mobile apps, enterprise businesses have gained the ability to communicate large amounts of information in a way that wasn’t possible several years ago. No longer is it necessary to send a text with vital information for a job or send a bunch of pictures for work through email.  All of this information can now be put into PDF format and be communicated all through one report. Apps have managed to simplify businesses’ workload and has become a key resource for getting ahead of their competitors.

How Enterprises Use Android Business Apps

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Enterprises of all kinds use Android business apps. Photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc 

Demmer a leading U.S. equipment manufacturer is a perfect example of how mobile apps can greatly enhance an enterprise business. Demmer managed in one year’s time to save over 1 million dollars, by switching to a business app.  Instead of safety and equipment inspections done on paper, Demmer now collects all of this information on smartphones or tablets. Through the elimination of paper, Demmer had more efficient use of key personnel, they are saving $1 million annually and 300 hours a year.

Mobile Apps in Retail

Outside of manufacturing, a major retailer in the United States and Canada has also made the switch. With large retail stores across North America, this enterprise required extensive daily surveys to ensure their stores were up to their rigorous standards. From layout to their loading docks, they had a specific employee who inspected stores up to 5x a day! Paper inspections were slowing down their employees and making it difficult for corporate headquarters to see the information in real-time. By switching, this retailer has seen inspections go more quickly, and they expanded their information collected to include photos of the store.

Telecom Company and Andriod Apps

A major telecom company has also made the switch to Android business apps. With thousands of employees across the United States, this enterprise has found multiple ways to improve its data collection. Their B2B sales representatives now collect information on potential clients with smartphones and tablets. Training sales reps for their retail outlets now include tests done on tablets. With all submissions stored in the cloud, trainers can see how training is going across a region, or track a specific individual with just one search. Finally, their indirect sales use android business apps to inspect their displays at other retail stores. With auto-populated fields, image capture, and other advanced features, various departments find business apps not only make it faster to capture this data but also easier to use it later on.

How Mobile Apps Helped Enhance Businesses

In all cases, these enterprises successfully leveraged business apps to enhance what they were already doing. Although making change required an initial investment of time and effort, in the long run, it has resulted in giving these organizations a competitive advantage. They have improved their internal communications and removed redundant work by employees.  Business apps make their internal processes faster, so these enterprises can focus on staying competitive in a rapidly changing world.

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