How Standardizing Data Can Improve Your Manufacturing Business

By Michael Benedict on June 1, 2016

Construction WorkersManufacturers know that by standardizing processes, business can grow. But that doesn’t always carry over to the company’s data.  According to research firm LNS, more than half of executives say their quality metrics aren’t effectively measured, and almost as many say they have too many systems to measure quality. But by also standardizing data collection, manufacturing companies can “…enhance production flexibility and better manage industry compliance standards,” according to a recent white paper from Sparta Systems.

Standardizing data collection during compliance audits and using GoCanvas mobile forms to capture that data, for instance, can enable manufacturing companies to not only substantially reduce the time involved in performing audits, but can also identify areas that may previously not have been audited correctly, ultimately avoiding potentially heavy fines.

Data can also be shared – in real time – and used for incident reporting, equipment inspections, maintenance reporting and tracking, open issues tracking, and more, keeping quality assurance managers and staff in locations around the world informed on up-to-the minute changes.

Capturing and standardizing data on mobile forms is easier than you think, and can make a huge transformation in your business. Your employees probably already use mobile apps on their smartphones, and GoCanvas makes more 1000+ apps just for manufacturing. You can try them free today.

Want more detail how to use technology to grow your manufacturing business? Download the free eBook, How Digital Can Transform Manufacturing.

What else is in the eBook? Insights into:

  • Using the power of data to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations across your entire operation, including OSHA’s many regulations for manufacturers.
  • Understanding how interoperability — having systems that work with one another — can change how you operate, and isn’t reserved just for mega corporations.
  • How automating processes for managing your business might be just as important as those you use to make your products.

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