How Small Businesses Use Mobile Inspections

By katie simpson on March 7, 2014

At GoCanvas, 50% of customers in a recent survey were businesses with 100 employees or less. This didn’t surprise us: more and more small businesses find great benefits in mobile apps. Dumping paper boosts productivity and saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. 

So how are small businesses using mobile apps? One of the main ways is with mobile inspections. To give you a better idea, here are a few examples of how small businesses are using mobile inspections, and the benefits they’re seeing with GoCanvas. 

HVAC Cools Costs and Heats up Productivity

Precision Heating and Cooling is an HVAC company based in Chicago, IL. They spent years looking for a customizable solution that would be easy to use for techs in the field. After years of no luck, they finally found GoCanvas. 

Within 30 days, they were up and running. Today, they use mobile inspections to collect information such as the cost of the repairs, photos of the jobsite, and customer signatures. The customer enjoys accurate and organized information in a PDF emailed to them. Precision gets the information as soon as the job is done and integrates it into their own systems. 

Not only has Precision created a faster mobile inspection for their techs, but also removed the need for data entry. They’ve been able to reassign office staff away from data entry and to more profitable tasks including marketing! Going to a mobile inspection has freed their resources to grow. 

Protecting Homes in Real Time

You don’t need a body of water to protect your home. 

One of our customer’s is a home watch company in New Jersey. There, they keep an eye on client’s homes while they are away. 
Last year, they switched to a mobile home inspection. The app instructs the inspector to document things both inside and outside the house, including weather conditions, trash bins, and thermostats. More than ensuring full documentation, this home protection company goes above and beyond in their mobile inspections. They have a section for preventative maintenance suggestions for the customers and include photographs of their inspections. 

Once the submission is done, all the information and photos are included in a PDF. This is emailed to the client immediately. The customer gets both visual and detailed text information about their home. So no matter where they are, they can rest easy that their homes and valuables are safe. Going to a mobile inspection allows the company to provide better customer service at a fraction of the time it took them previously. 

Better and Faster Fire Safety

We help companies do better fire safety inspections to prevent these disasters. Photo credit: ** RCB ** via photopin cc

Fire & Safety Commodities knew very well the struggle of paper inspections. Serving New Orleans since 1979, they dealt with blank fields, illegible handwriting, and damaged forms. 

By switching to mobile inspections, they were able to get more accurate information more quickly. Today they have a dozen different mobile inspections tailored to their different clients. When the technician goes out in the field, they open GoCanvas on their mobile device. 

All the inspections are available on their smartphones. With checkboxes, and drop down fields, the inspectors finish quickly. No longer do they carry cumbersome clipboards and wads of paper. Instead, they fill out their mobile inspections on iphones a fraction of the size. 

Fire & Safety Commodities not only does faster inspections but also enjoys faster billing cycles. Because all submissions are immediately available in the cloud, they can simply download a batch as an excel or csv file and integrate it into their own systems. This means less time creating invoices, and more time getting inspections done. 

Hotel Inspections Dump Paper

While most customers never see it, hotels conduct rigorous inspections every day. One customer of ours in Tulsa, Oklahoma was tired of conducting these on paper. Previously, they would have to carry multiple paper copies with them, fill them out by hand, and return the inspections to the office. With hundreds of rooms, their paper use added up quickly and slowed down the hotel. In addition, they were limited to written descriptions of each room. 

Today, this Midwestern hotel use mobile inspections on Blackberries. Whether they do one or twenty, they only need to carry one small device. Hotel inspections go more quickly now. Checkboxes and automatic time and date stamps allow them to enter information more quickly. 

Management loves mobile inspections as well because every inspection is verified with pictures of the room. Clear print and visual attached allow the head of inspections to more easily oversee the rooms. Going mobile saves this hotel time and more accountable. 

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