How Retailers Are Getting Ahead With Technology Today

By Michael Benedict on July 16, 2015
Tags: Productivity

How Retailers Are Getting Ahead With Technology TodayDigital retail technology is revolutionizing the shopping experience for consumers. According to a recent report, of those consumers who used their phones to comparison shop in a retail store, 69 percent have changed where they purchased a product as a result of the information they found. Retailers have to embrace technology and consumer preferences for technology or lose customers to those competitors who offer a more technology-oriented customer experience. While retailers were initially slow to adopt technology including mobile payments in stores, new studies show that 93 percent believe that consumers want a broader choice of payment tools and 75 percent see mobile payments as a clear part of their business strategy.

As today’s retailers try to compete with each other and at the same time keep up with consumer preferences, how are they using retail technology solutions to get ahead? Here’s a look at the latest numbers and trends.

How Retailers Are Getting Ahead With Technology Today

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