How 8 Real Companies Are Going Paperless

By katie simpson on January 28, 2015

We talk a lot about how going mobile benefits businesses across the world and in various industries. But how are real businesses benefiting from going mobile? 

To give you an idea, we’ve round up 8 real customers and heard how they use GoCanvas. 

1. Texas Moving Company Picks up Speed, Saving $175,000

Texas AB Moving has a fleet of 72 trucks, serving customers in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.The company and its 72 mover teams complete as many as 700 jobs each week. 

While AB Moving was trying to provide the highest quality service, paper wasn’t serving the company well. Drivers were still using bills of lading and damage reports on paper.

The end result? All movers had to come into the office at 5 am to pick up that day’s assignments. AB Moving  struggled to get information from the field integrated back into their system.

Today AB has taken their drivers and payment mobile. AB Moving has lower fees, estimates that they’ve saved $125,000 in credit card processing fees alone. In addition, by having faster administrative processes, AB has saved another $50,000 in employee time.

In total? AB Moving has saved $175,000 by switching to GoCanvas.

2. Faster Processes Saves Commercial Greenhouse $600 a month

Grower Direct Farms is  a wholesale commercial greenhouse located in Somers, CT. Working with major retailers like Home Depot, Grower Direct Farms needed to go and remove plants from the display. Whether it was because there were overstocked or had died, this information was crucial in figuring out stocking.

Gathering this information was easier said than done. Faxing this information back to the office was a struggle: not all forms returned, some were illegible, and they spent hours entering the information in by hand. 

For over a year, Grower Farms has now used GoCanvas instead. What once took hours to become part of Growers Direct Farms database can now be accessed in seconds. Saving time has a real monetary benefit as well: they estimate that they save $150 a week in peak season processing.

3. Mom Brands’ Gains Real Time Information

Mom Brands®, known as Malt-O-Meal® until 2012,  is built on an unwavering commitment to providing consumers with high quality products delivered at a better price.

But MOM Brands was struggling with the quality of paper in-store audits conducted at the 30,000+ retail outlets. The paper forms were slow and time consuming. As a result, MOM Brands’ decision makers did not have access to real-time data to make rapid, informed decisions. 

Today, MOM Brands’ has over 100 users with iPads on GoCanvas, transforming how MOM Brands’ eight sales teams collect data and report this information. They have experienced real, measurable benefits from implementing GoCanvas, including significant efficiency improvements, cost reductions and environmental benefits.

4. Baltimore Fire Department Repairs Equipment Faster with Canvas

Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company (PVFC) is the second oldest volunteer fire department in Baltimore, protecting Pikesville, Maryland since 1897. It is the only station in Baltimore County that operates an engine, tower, heavy rescue squad, and medic, offering a full range of fire suppression, rescue and EMS services for the community.

With a fully volunteer force, paper record management has become a heavier and heavier burden for the department. The process to verify/repair equipment was slow and could take days or weeks to fix. 

By switching to GoCanvas, PVFC has been able to make their equipment repairs faster, inspections more accurate, and volunteer credit tracking easier than ever before. 

5. Marketing Agency Creates Amazing Experience with Canvas

Relevant, an experiental marketing firm, worked with HBO’s Game of Thrones on an awesome experiential exhibit. They traveled to 8 cities across the world, featuring handcrafted items like weapons, armor and costumes inspired by the series. To top it off, they had an immersive virtual reality experience powered by Occulus Rift technology.

Relevent had used paper waivers int the past, but wanted a simple solution for waivers. They turned to GoCanvas and we built them a mobile waiver form for this exhibit. 

Relevent event ambassadors used GoCanvas on iPads to have exhibit participants easily fill out the waivers for this. They loved that it was easy to process, and could even work offline. 

6. WEINIG Australia Shortens Sale Cycle with Canvas

WEINIG Australia is part of the WEINIG Group. Around the world, they are known for providing solutions to solid timber processes.  

However, WEINIG kept struggling with their back end paper processes. For each service call, technicians were taking down notes on a carbonized engineer report pad. Taking multiple calls a day, these reports could take hours or days to return to the office. 

Since October 2013, WEINIG has enjoyed faster sale cycles, easier tracking of labor and parts costs, and expanded information as well. 

7.  DC Central Kitchen Does Better Reporting in Less Time

Photo credit: nociveglia via photopin cc

DC Central Kitchen is a major non-profit in the DC area. They’re a leader in reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding urban food systems through social enterprise.

Their program, Healthy Corners, seeks to provide access to affordable produce to low income areas. DC Central Kitchen provide corner stores wholesale priced produce in limited volumes. This partnership provides consumers more access to fresh produce at a limited risk for the small corner stores.

When determining orders, drop offs, and more, they worked with paper forms, emails and phone calls. Not only was this disparate information hard to organize, but also created opportunities for miscommunication.

These errors caused delays in store orders and slowed down their work. With a grant from DC government, miscommunication and missing information made their weekly grant reporting difficult as well.

Today, all information is collected with GoCanvas. Delivery confirmation, order information, even grant reporting is done on site. Processes that once took hours, now take minutes. 

With all the information available in the cloud, it’s easy for DC Central Kitchen to create reports for grants, and understand the Healthy Kitchen program in real time. 

8. Australian Carpet Company Saves Nearly $24,000

TuftMaster Carpets is an Australian company committed to providing quality commercial and residential carpeting solutions.  Based in Victoria, they provide a wide variety of carpet to their clientele at affordable price.

But they struggled with paper forms. It was easy to lose price requests as they came back in multiple forms, slowing down their sale cycle. 

In less than a year, they have fourteen salespeople using GoCanvas. With less administrative work, and real time information, they believe they’ll save up to $24,000 this year alone. 


These are just some of the ways businesses around the world are saving time and money by embracing mobile apps. Discover how you can strengthen your business today.