How Orbit Medical Switched to GoCanvas and Saved $250,000 By Going Paperless

By keith bateman on August 25, 2016

Technology Meets Medical Suppliers

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GoCanvas Apps Used

  • Weekly Vehicle Inspection
  • Dead Stop Report
  • Delivery Paperwork
  • Close Out Procedures


  • 200+ Productivity Hours Saved Annually
  • $13,687 in Paper Costs Saved Annually
  • $250,000 Annual Return on Investment

Case Study Background

Orbit Medical, headquartered in Utah with regional sales offices throughout the Midwest, is one of the top medical equipment distributors in the country. They provide their customers with medically essential products like wheelchairs, mobility aids, and in-home oxygen. The problems arose from the stacks of paperwork that accompany working in the medical industry.

Prior to finding GoCanvas, Orbit Medical was swimming in a sea of paperwork that was putting a stranglehold on their daily productivity. Paperwork was being used to complete everything including service tickets, delivery paperwork, billing, and more. It was limiting their daily production across different departments. The internal office staff needed a better way to collect, share, and file the documents that were being captured in the field. They also needed a way to gain greater insight into the day-to-day operations of the business.


Fours years ago, Orbit Medical went live with the GoCanvas App in order to start streamlining many of the processes that were being slowed down by using paper. Orbit chose GoCanvas, the global leader in mobile apps for businesses, because of the flexibility of the platform and its quick deployment structure. The GoCanvas platform has helped thousands of businesses replace cumbersome paper forms with easy to use mobile processes that greatly improve productivity.

Justin Thomas, VP of Operations at Orbit Medical, commented on the reason and benefits of implementing GoCanvas. He remarked that A 5-6-7 day process now takes just minutes! Many times before the field technician even pulls out from the client’s driveway, we are already billing and getting things processed!


Like many customers, Justin and his team at Orbit Medical began speaking with a Senior Consultant at GoCanvas to analyze their process and identify where the issues were located. After that discussion, the team at GoCanvas got to work customizing the platform to fit Orbit’s specific business process needs. This was quickly done with the use of Canvas’ powerful App Builder tool, which allows “citizen developers” to create their own apps to meet their specifications without any coding or usage of an IT team.

Justin made sure that he tested the apps with his field teams and collected feedback so that the proper changes could be incorporated. This type of feedback and testing phase allowed for the successful rollout of over 20+ GoCanvas mobile forms(apps) to over 50+ field technicians.

After GoCanvas

Orbit Medical has set the gold standard on how to transition from paper to paperless in the very form-based medical industry. They are set to exceed over 30,000 digital data submissions, which is a savings of over $13,000 annually by reducing their reliance on paper. Orbit Medical has used GoCanvas primarily to overhaul their entire delivery and service process.  This has dramatically increased their rate of service, billing, and reduced the amount of time spent managing paperwork in the office by 75%.


Since Orbit Medical has gone paperless, a lot of benefits have been felt throughout the entire organization.

  • Increased Billing & Filing Efficiency – With the implementation of GoCanvas mobile forms with all their drivers and technicians, all deliveries are now processed and invoiced within minutes, not days. Orbit Medical has even leveraged the GoCanvas cloud database to automatically integrate into their backend billing and electronic medical record (EMR) system via the GoCanvas API. This instant data collection and automatic filing has helped reduced billing time by 80% and helped to ensure that they get paid on time.
  • Total Paper Freedom – Orbit Medical has an initiative called “100% Canvas”. Justin Thomas, Vice President of Operations at Orbit Medical, explained that this program aims to make every field process 100% paperless, and today they have achieved that with all their drivers. “We’ve been able to tighten up so many processes that you can’t put a dollar amount on”, stated Justin Thomas, “(Canvas) opens the mind to better processes, things that were not possible with paper.”
  • Reduced Liability – By replacing their paper delivery forms with GoCanvas, Orbit Medical has been able to cut down on their medical liability across the board. With their “Dead Stop Report”, technicians now have the ability to record a GPS stamp, photo of the location, and timestamp to confirm that their client was not home at the scheduled time of delivery. This report can serve as evidence of attempted delivery in the case of a wrongful death lawsuit, which is all too common in the medical industry.

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