How a Fortune 100 Retailer Saves Over $1.7M Annually with GoCanvas (Updated)

By keith bateman on April 20, 2016

Major Retailer Takes the Step to Eliminate Paperwork One Store at a Time

GoCanvas Apps Used

  • Facility Walkthrough Checklist
  • Auto Door Safety Check
  • Daily PM Checklist
  • Time Tracking Log
  • Fire Sprinkler Checklist
  • Pressure Washing / Sidewalk Inspection


  • 2,000+ users across North America
  • Over 100 custom mobile apps created without IT
  • Manual data entry eliminated
  • Average of 3,400 hours saved weekly across all stores
  • Zero IT involvement


This retailer, which we will keep anonymous due to competitive advantage concerns, consistently ranks in the top 50 on the Fortune 500 and holds a market cap that exceeds $40 billion. This is a company that is consistently competing against some of the largest companies in the world and constantly looking for an edge in the market.  They approached GoCanvas about developing a mobile based tool that their store supervisors could use to inspect all aspects of their stores including merchandise displays, loading docks, HVAC units and parking lots.

Before Canvas

Previously each store used paper-based checklists and inspection reports that staff were required to manually complete 5 times daily. This paper-based process was not only slow, in terms of actually filling out the data, but it was also not conducive for quickly collecting, sharing, or analyzing the data. The store managers would have to collect all these paper forms, hundreds of them by the end of the week, and re-key all this information into their database management systems. Conservatively, this was taking each store manager 2 hours per week to do this redundant work.


The major retailer chose GoCanvas in order to streamline their many weekly and daily task lists. Thousands of organizations leverage Canvas’s cloud-based, Android/IOS/Windows, based platform to replace cumbersome paper forms with highly customizable mobile business apps.

The retailer chose the GoCanvas platform based on how dynamic and customizable it was. There was no large upfront investment, and the retailer was able to build their own apps and have them deployed within a couple of weeks. With GoCanvas, subscribers have the ability to design their own apps using the no-code, drag-and-drop builder. For those who prefer not to build their own, GoCanvas provides over 20,000 pre-built business App templates to choose from in their Application Store.


A GoCanvas Senior Consultant worked personally with the retailer to make sure they were familiar and comfortable with implementing the platform. The best part about the GoCanvas platform is that there is no complex coding or IT knowledge needed. Many companies, including the retailer, are turning to internal “citizen developers” to create their GoCanvas apps without the need of the IT department! This helps to speed up deployment and not have to bog down internal resources with unnecessary projects.

The retailer conducted a six-month pilot program of GoCanvas with a small pool of their facility technicians. The pilot was a success, showing boosts of 25% – 45% in both productivity and data capture accuracy. Based on these results, they proceeded to expand the program across North America and to more than 1,700 stores.

After Canvas

Today, with over 2,000 technicians using GoCanvas throughout the United States and Canada, GoCanvas is used exclusively for all retail store inspections. Each month, the retailer captures and stores over 70,000 digital records using GoCanvas and has saved just over $72,000 by eliminating write-offs. This does not even take into account the elimination of costs such as ordering paper forms, printer ink, filing and storage fees, and wages for data entry staff.

Now with GoCanvas, all the data collected from their 1,700+ stores seamlessly integrates with the retailer’s business intelligence software, Tableau. And since there is no need to re-type everything into the system anymore, they save an average of 3,400 hours per week globally. Since implementing GoCanvas just under two years ago, the retailer has seen gross productivity savings of just over $ 755,000. 


  • Real-Time Access to Data – The retailer takes all the data collected across their 1,700+ stores and has it push into their Tableau business intelligence database instantly via the GoCanvas API so that there is no wasted time. This saves them on average 3,400 hours per week in lost productivity globally. 
  • Rapid App Development & Deployment – With Canvas’ easy to use drag-and-drop app builder, the retailer was able to customize their platform and get their pilot group started in a couple of weeks! From there they have built over 100+ different apps to serve the needs of their thousands of locations. This has lead to the retailer completing just over 270,000 digital records in just under 4 months. 
  • Technological Flexibility – Previously, the retailer had to work through the IT department in order to make any major changes that involved technology. Now, with GoCanvas, they don’t have to! GoCanvas gives them a platform where they can empower “citizen developers” within the company to develop the platform to fit the needs of the various departments. No coding or IT department time required.

[Update 5/5/2016] Based on further reporting and analysis of the data, it was found that the retailer is saving on average 2 -3 hours of productivity in each store weekly. Across 1,700 stores, paying their facility technicians an average of $10 – $15, this breaks down to savings of $36,000 a week. Across 52 weeks, this equals savings of just over $1.76M annually!

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