How Moving Companies Are Reducing Their Paperwork & Increasing their Efficiency with Mobile Forms

By keith bateman on March 8, 2017

Managing Moving Services with Mobile Moving Forms

Moving Truck Image Moving companies all across the world operate in very similar fashions. They work with their clients to inventory what needs to be transported, to what location, by what time frame. Their job is to ensure that all the items get moved to their new location safely, but sometimes mistakes do happen.

Maybe a customer forgets to sign an important form like an Estimate or Bill of Lading. Or an employee accidently misplaces or loses the Home Inventory Sheet or Order of Service form. All these things and more expose the moving company to high levels of liability, as well as the possibility of litigation.

For an industry that is based on the speed and quality in which they are able to get a job accomplished, having a system in place to reduce inherent risk and liability is absolutely ESSENTIAL.

How Mobile Moving Forms Can Help

The reason more and more moving service companies are transitioning towards mobile documentation is because it dramatically reduces the probability of mistakes happening.

AB Moving in Texas saves $583K annually by using GoCanvas mobile forms – Read How

Paper, Tablets, Computer, CloudWith GoCanvas, you are able to go beyond the dimensions of what a typical paper document can offer. You are able to fully customize the entire data collection experience and workflow of each document, and ensure that every piece of information you need is collected accurately and on time. This ensures that every completed document is filed, organized, and available when you need them for each job and client.

Additional benefits include:

  • Field Requirements – No more missed signatures or incomplete reports. Reports must be filled out correctly to be submitted
  • Photo Capture – Images are now embedded directly in the reports and not attached with a stapler
  • Mobile Dispatching – The office can assign tasks to field employees and track real-time progress of their completion
  • Automated Estimating – Integrated price lists to ensure accurate quoting & billing of your customer
  • Lossless Filing – Reports are automatically stored in the cloud after completion, eliminating all manual reporting

How to Get Started

Luckily, transitioning your moving business from paper-based forms to mobile versions is a lot easier than it seems!

GoCanvas has a library of over 20,000 templates that stretches across multiple industries including Moving & Transportation.

The mobile moving forms we suggest getting started with include:

  • Job Estimator: Instantly generate and send a quote for your moving services to a prospective client. Integrate your current service pricing lists and dramatically reduce the manual time it takes to generate an estimate.
  • Bill of Lading: Required in most states by DOT, this mobile form will help your employees collect all the key details of the job and conveniently send a copy to the customer for their records.
  • Home Inventory Sheet:  Ensure that all the items in your clients home are accounted for room by room. Snapping photos and collecting signatures at each home, this mobile form will be sent directly to your client for verification in real-time. No more worries or arguments about missing items.
  • Damage Claim Form: If an accident does occur while moving a client, it is extremely important to document it immediately.  With this mobile form, you can snap a photo, circle or highlight the damaged section, and comment on the cause of it. This report can then be immediately sent to the office for real-time claims processing.
  • Vehicle Daily Safety Inspection: In order to maintain the heart of your business, the trucks, it’s important that your drivers take care of them. This mobile form will take your driver through a quick inspection of their vehicle to make sure it is safe to operate, and if not, letting you know in real-time that it needs to be serviced.

Don’t hesitate to go paperless with GoCanvas today!

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