How Mobile Waivers Can Reduce Risk & Liability at Your Business

By keith bateman on April 18, 2017
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The Problem with Paper Waivers

The filling out of a waiver has become an essential part of any activity that includes any sort of potential risk. Whether it’s signing up for a gym membership, riding a jet ski, or going to an amusement park, business owners everywhere are constantly looking for ways to minimize their risk of liability in the case of an accident.

Many businesses use generic, paper-based waivers that they find and print from the internet. Most of these have generic terminology about the inherent risks involved in an activity and that generally state that the business “can’t be held responsible”. The scary part is that many businesses believe that these waivers will hold up in court if an accident does occur, but in reality, many will not.

The fact remains that these generic waivers aren’t worth the paper they are printed on because:

  • The language around the waivered activity is not clear and/or is too generic
  • The disclosures aren’t readable by the participant
  • The waiver combined multiple activities and registrations into one document
  • The waiver allowed for multiple participant signatures on a single document

These reasons are why more companies than ever are making the switch from paper to mobile waivers. While it’s not possible to avoid all risk, using a mobile waiver can help establish a new minimum safety standard and improve daily operations within a matter of days.

Reduce Liability, Increase Documentation

In order to decrease the chances of litigation in the unlikely event that an accident does a occur, more businesses than ever are transitioning to mobile Waivers using GoCanvas. The reason they use our mobile form platform is that setup and customization literally take minutes.

With our “do-it-yourself” mobile form builder, you are able to simply choose a “Waiver” template and start customizing the verbiage and structure that fit the corresponding activities within your business.

Do you have multiple activities a customer could participate in? You can easily create a dynamic waiver that allows the participant to select an activity and automatically view the specific disclosure language that matches their selection. This way you don’t have to create a separate mobile waiver for each different activity in your business and can simply create an all-in-one “super waiver” to manage your entire business’ activities.

Choose a Template

The Benefits of Mobile Waivers

Regardless of how or why you decide to get started with mobile waivers, having the ability to mitigate a substantial amount of risk in a matter of minutes is a no-brainer.

In addition to reducing the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees from litigation, using the GoCanvas mobile form platform to create your mobile waivers can give you the benefit of:

  • Customizing disclosure language and layout in seconds – Making sure the waiver applies to each activity
  • Creating required data fields for completion including name and signature – No more incomplete forms
  • Creating a central, cloud database of customer waivers to review/download/print from anywhere
  • After a waiver is completed, the participant can automatically receive a copy for their records
  • Never worrying about a lost or misplaced customer waiver again
  • Waiver Mobile PDF

Can This Work For Your Business?

The best part about the GoCanvas platform is that any form can be customized to fit into any industry.

Specifically for mobile waivers, we have companies from over 10+ different industries using GoCanvas to collect customer signatures and store these important documents in the cloud. It allows them to quickly deploy a solution without the need for IT involvement or heavy backend integration.

Still not sure if this would be a right fit for your business? Check out just a couple of the example use cases found in our Application Store. They include:

If you’re ready to get started, just simply click on the banner below to begin using your own mobile waiver today!

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