How Mobile Patient Forms Save a Leading Respiratory Clinic Over $10,000 Each Year

By Kassidi Koronkowski on December 19, 2018
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Automating Paperwork for the Medical Industry


  • Industry: In-Home Patient Care

Quick Facts

  • Recover $10,600+ in Productivity Costs Annually
  • Over 21,000 Digital Records Captured Annually
  • Mobile forms: Patient Assessments, Home Evaluations, Incident Reports, & more!

Eliminating Paper-Based Inefficiencies

This medical company, which chose to remain anonymous for competitive reasons, provides patients and families the care they need in the comfort of their own home.

With respiratory therapists visiting different homes throughout the United States, this company recognized their need to automate the way they were capturing information on the field. Prior to their switch to GoCanvas, the company’s field therapists would use a pen and paper or fillable PDFs to collect data. These processes hindered the company’s growth and sparked their search for a mobile form solution.

The goal was to find an application to streamline all of their medical forms. The company wanted a platform that was easy to use not just for their therapists, but the office staff as well.

Their answer? GoCanvas!

Once they adopted GoCanvas it didn’t take long for their staff to be up and running smoothly. Within weeks they had built out mobile forms such as:

This medical company hasn’t stopped there. After automating the way information is captured they decided to optimize their data handling process even further by connecting their back-end systems with GoCanvas. By integrating the company’s CRM System with the GoCanvas platform, every submission is automatically sorted into the corresponding client folder.

Realizing the Benefits of Going Mobile

This medical company’s automated data collection has allowed the company to focus on providing the best patient care available. With better data visibility they are able to more accurately understand how the business is doing and where they can improve.

Overall, the company has seen a major increase in the accuracy of their reporting and the visibility into daily operations. Even with over $10,000 + of productivity hours recovered every year, they are continually searching for new ways they can implement GoCanvas to save more time and money!

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