How Mobile Forms Improve Road Worksite Inspections

By Michael Benedict on November 18, 2015

3 Ways Mobile Technology Can Help in Roadway Construction & RepairRegular inspections of road construction projects are unavoidable. What you can avoid are the costly OSHA violations that sometimes follow. But doing so requires a plan of action, a dedicated team with clear responsibilities, and the right tools. Fortunately, technology like mobile forms can help make this daunting and unwieldy process easy. How can mobile inspections help keep your worksite safe and compliant?

By showing where equipment problem areas lie
Roadway construction requires all types of heavy-duty — and potentially dangerous — vehicles, machinery, and equipment. These powerful tools require frequent inspections of both their regular operating systems and safety systems in order to ensure that they’re working efficiently while not posing a threat to workers. Of work zone fatalities in recent years that befell workers, almost half were runovers/backovers, most often by dump trucks, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Make sure backup alarms on trucks are inspected frequently. Data collected via mobile forms can show if a particular truck’s backup alarm consistently malfunctions, or can show trends over time about how much is being spent on repairs.

Helping hold employees accountable
Using mobile forms for construction equipment and worksite inspections can help hold employees accountable for completing the appropriate inspections regularly and completely and will make sure you’re prepared if your state’s transportation department shows up unannounced. That’s because, unlike with paper forms, mobile forms for vehicle and equipment inspections can be built with mandatory fields that an employee must complete before submitting the form. Additionally, because mobile forms can be filled out and sent in with a few taps on a tablet or smartphone, employees no longer have an excuse to avoid getting them done on time. 

Maintaining better records that protect your business in case of an accident
In the event of an accident, you may be required to produce documentation that the right inspections and checks were conducted to ensure a safe worksite. Paper forms are hard to keep track of and are susceptible to water and heat damage, making them less reliable in the event that you need to use them to disprove negligence. Information captured using mobile forms is uploaded directly to the cloud for safekeeping, which means it’s available at any time, and can’t be lost or destroyed. This is especially important considering that you can still be held liable for accidents that occurred during a project even after the project ends.

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3 Ways Mobile Technology Can Help Your Roadway Construction Business

3 Ways Mobile Technology Can Help Your Roadway Construction Business