How Mobile Field Service Apps Can Improve Field Service Management

By GoCanvas Team on November 29, 2022

It’s no secret that technology has changed how we live and work, especially in the  field service industry. Field service management has never been easier or more efficient thanks to mobile apps.

How Mobile Apps Have Made Field Service Management More Effective

Mobile apps have highly impacted the field service industry by making it more effective and efficient by:

  • Mobile apps enable time-saving automation for technicians and allow them to access customer information and service history and track job progress on-site by utilizing their mobile device. This helps ensure that jobs are completed on time, reduces the chances of errors happening, and enhances the customer experience.
  • Mobile apps allow technicians to submit photos and notes from the field, which can help with troubleshooting and problem-solving.
  • Field service managers can use mobile apps as field service management software to create work orders, invoices, service reports, and notifications, assign jobs to technicians, and track job progress in real-time. This allows them to be more responsive to customer needs and ensures that jobs are completed as quickly as possible.
  • Mobile apps allow field service businesses to streamline their workflow and provide transparency in field service operations that were impossible before. Customers can now see what stage their job is at, how close it is to being finished, and what kind of feedback has been received from technicians. This makes customers feel more connected to the process and builds trust between customers and the company.

How Mobile Apps Have Improve Safety and Compliance for Your Field Service Business

Mobile apps help improve safety by giving field service technicians access to important safety information. This includes job site hazards, customer contact information, and emergency procedures. They also help with compliance by ensuring technicians follow all the necessary steps for each job. This includes completing safety checklists, documenting accurate job times, and collecting customer signatures. By using a mobile app, field service businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their technicians are following best practices and that their customers are happy with the service they’ve received.

Enhance Your Business with Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile apps have changed field service management for the better by making it more effective, efficient, and safe. You’re missing many benefits if you’re not using a mobile app for your field service business. GoCanvas provides templates to create a customizable mobile app for your business, including checklists, forms, project management tools, and more. To learn more, contact us today.