How Mobile Changed Business for Globe Tattoo Home Broadband

By mary qin on November 23, 2015

Malu Bautista
Malu Bautista

A year ago, Malu Bautista, manager of customer operations support/consumer business for the Globe Tattoo Home Broadband team, set her sights on improving the speed and efficiency of wired Internet installation in Philippine households.  

Behind the Scenes

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband used to rely heavily on paper, phone calls, and email for communications. In the past, Raquel Delos Reyes (Raq) from Globe’s Customer Operations Support individually emailed dispatchers a list of customer orders and requests, sometimes multiple times a day. The dispatcher then printed out job orders to assign to individual field installers. Raq also called dispatchers to confirm and field installers visited the customers for installation. Customers signed their job orders, and the installers returned the papers to the office at the end of the day. It was a cumbersome process.  

Raq and paperwork.
Raq and paperwork. 

Barriers to Good Customer Service

Not only was it cumbersome, but the process was prone to missed installation appointments, inefficient passing of information, and time wasted on tedious paperwork. “And sometimes, the papers are lost,” said Raq.

With an increasing number of installation requests, delighting all customers was a challenge.   

The Silver Lining

Field installer reviewing his tasks for the day via Canvas
Field installer reviewing his tasks for the day via GoCanvas.

The company looked for a solutions provider that could automate their processes. When they learned about GoCanvas from the IT Enabled Services Group (IG), they decided to try it.  

As a pilot test to Platinum customers, Globe Tattoo gave select field installers mobile devices and GoCanvas accounts. Now, Raq assigns the day’s jobs to dispatchers, who then assign them to individual field installers. Installers receive their work orders, visit customers, and give real-time updates, all on their mobile devices. And if an installer can’t make it to a particular job, the dispatcher can easily assign it to another installer.

No more calling here and there just to get things moving. No more paperwork, either!

Delighted Customers — Check!

With GoCanvas, the Globe Tattoo Home Broadband team improved speed of installation. Field installers now spend less time filing paperwork and have more time to do installations. The dispatchers get updates in real time and are able to make appointment adjustments on the fly. Additionally, there is no longer a need to manually key work order reports. Rather, GoCanvas generates a report automatically each day.

A happy customer and signature captured by GoCanvas, proof of a job well done.
A happy customer and signature captured by GoCanvas, proof of a job well done.

Above all, Globe Tattoo customers are delighted because installers arrive in their appointment window. Mission accomplished.

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