How A Leading Experiential Marketing Agency Uses GoCanvas for Paperless Waivers

By Jason Peck on March 28, 2014

I'm really excited about this article. Here are 3 things to kick it off:

1) Perhaps you've heard of a little show called Game of Thrones? It's pretty much my favorite TV series out right now, right up there with House of Cards, which is technically a Netflix series, so I can have two favorite shows without them getting too jealous of each other. 

2) Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that utilizes experiences and events to enable brands to create strong emotional connections with consumers. Relevent is an agency that rocks at this kind of thing. I am a huge fan of this kind of thing, having worked on some really interesting campaigns and events in previous jobs.

3) You probably know this already, but GoCanvas makes it easy for organizations to eliminate their paperwork headaches and save time by using mobile apps and forms. 

Jason, I'm floundering in a quicksand of confusion. What the heck are you talking about? What do you get when you combine experiential marketing, GoCanvas and Game of Thrones?

Here's some background.

Relevent has been working with HBO's Game of Thrones on a really awesome, experiential traveling exhibit. The exhibit, which stops in 8 cities across the world, features handcrafted items like weapons, armor and costumes that have been inspired by the series and an immersive virtual reality experience that is powered by Occulus Rift technology. The technology basically transports participants into the fictional world of Westeros (the setting for Game of Thrones) and gives them a virtual ride up the 700-foot elevator to the top of The Wall, which is well-known to viewers of the show for keeping out the Wildlings and other enemies. 

“Basically, we're tricking your brain into thinking it's somewhere it's not,” said Relevent's Ian Cleary in this article about the exhibit for USA Today. See below for a video recap of the exhibit while it was in Austin for South by Southwest earlier this month. 

Ok, but how does GoCanvas fit into this?

As you can see, Relevent put together an awesome exhibit for this. In fact, with the Occulus Rift technology, the virtual experience is so realistic that some people literally scream and shriek when they're participating.

Prior to launching the exhibit, Relevent wanted a simple solution for waivers, just like any event producer who wants to protect itself from liability for any participant emotional reactions, unsuspected issues, etc. In the past, Relevent used paper waivers, but this time, they were looking for a paperless, mobile solution. 

Relevent turned to GoCanvas and we built them a mobile waiver form for this exhibit. Relevent event ambassadors are using GoCanvas on iPads to have exhibit participants easily fill out the waivers for this. I spoke with Relevent's Jerimie Nason earlier this week and he was excited about how easy it is to process the forms. He also really liked that GoCanvas works offline, so you don't need to worry about having Internet. Jerimie said they've had about 6,000 participate in the traveling exhibit, with more to come.

You can see GoCanvas in action at SXSW in this tweet/photo.

Mobile Waivers  + Canvas

Mobile waivers and GoCanvas are a great solution for experiential marketers who don't want to deal with paper waivers. Benefits include:

  • no forms to print-save money on paper and be good to our tree friends
  • no paper forms to collect-risk losing them, lawsuits, etc. 
  • no manual data entry back into computer systems
  • no costs associated with paper form filing and storage

Huge thanks to Jerimie and Relevent for letting us tell this story. We look forward to working with them on other experiential events in the future! 

Interested in eliminating your paperwork headaches and saving time and money? Check out our Application Store for our collection of customizable Marketing and Communications-related mobile apps and forms and sign up for a free trial of GoCanvas. We'd love to help!