How Enterprises Save Money with Business Apps for iPad

By melanie masanque on January 9, 2014

iPads, does your business really need them? iPads can keep an increasingly mobile workforce easily connected, without lugging around heavy laptops. But, is it worth the investment? Mobile apps on iPads can make your company more efficient, and strengthen your lines of communication. Read on to see how. 


Enhanced Data Collection

Mobile apps give you better data. How? They avoid the traps of paper. Think about the nature of paper: it’s fragile. We’ve all lost, misplaced, spilled coffee, or torn paper. It’s a part of business, but every time you lose a form, you lose the data that goes with it.

Paper also weakens the quality of your data. From miscalculations to ambiguous handwriting, paper creates opportunities for errors in your data. Worse: you have to transcript your data a second time into your computer. Like the game telephone, every chain provides an opportunity for your data to become corrupted.

Mobile apps allow you make sure the correct data is being captured and prevent misplaced forms. Always legible type, in app calculations, even auto-populated fields ensure that your information is accurate. Today with protective cases, iPads can be safe from water, dirt, dropping, and other every day hazards. Even better: every submission goes straight to the cloud. In the cloud, your data is safe from corruption via transmission. With mobile apps, your data is accurate and safe from life’s hazards.


Get Your Data in Seconds

In addition to paper forms being prone to inaccuracies, they’re slow. They take longer to get back to the office, and take even more time in getting the data into your system to share. The time wasted on paper are opportunities lost.

Share your information at the speed of light (edwin van buuringen, source)

Mobile business apps on iPad give employees the ability to share forms they completed in the field with the office instantaneously. Once a form is filled, it is immediately available in the cloud. Even better, you can easily email PDF versions to those who need it now. Not only does rapid sharing increase production from your field employees, but it also erases the time your office employees wait to receive information.   


Better and Faster Data: Better and Faster Work

Business that switch from paper to mobile apps become stronger businesses. Going mobile streamlines routine processes, enhances data collection in the field, and strengthens communication between field and office workers. Your workforce can focus on tasks that grow your business. Even better? With faster and more efficient information, you can make real time decisions to benefit your business.

Mobile apps do more than increase business productivity: they give you better insight into your own business.

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