How Enterprise Companies Can Calculate the ROI of GoCanvas Business Apps

By katie simpson on February 15, 2014

As an enterprise business, you’re constantly aware of both your day to day and the larger picture. You know that paper is draining on your business, but to what extent? Calculating the hard numbers may not be easy, but you can get a ballpark for how much your current system costs you.

To begin with, as a large business you probably get forms at a discounted rate due to your size. Let’s say your average cost per form is 50 cents. Each form is relatively cheap, but it grows over time. If you have ten field workers performing 2 invoices a day 45 weeks out of the year. That’s 4,500 invoices, costing your company approximately $2,250 over the year. 

Using paper is costing you more than you think (Images_of_Money, source)

The costs of paper continue in other, less obvious ways. These costs include the time it takes out of your workers’ day to deliver the forms back to the office. If those same ten workers each spend an hour of their day to come back to the office and drop off their forms, then that is a cost to your business’s productivity. In dollar terms, if you pay your workers $20 an hour, then in one day that is $200 of time lost. With just 45 weeks, that adds on an additional $45,000 lost. 

By switching to GoCanvas, this information becomes immediately available in the cloud. Anywhere your workers have wi-fi or internet access they can upload their submissions to the cloud. The hours spent going to and from the office can now be spent doing more jobs out in the field, recouping thousands of dollars. 

But beyond collecting the data, we also need to account for the cost you have to enter that information into your system. Hypothetically, let’s say you have one employee who spends twenty hours a week on data entry. If you pay them $20 an hour as well, that adds up. In one year, you are paying $18,000 to enter your data. 

If you manually enter in the information being brought in by forms, this too can be replaced by GoCanvas. All your submissions are available in the cloud. With xml and csv bulk downloads, it’s easy to integrate these submissions directly into your own databases. With API webservices, you can also create fabulous and seamless integration into your own system. Spend those thousands of dollars in marketing, research, or in other areas to help your business grow. 

Do you store those forms as well? Those filing cabinets taking up space all take up your money as well. As an enterprise business, you must have multiple filing cabinets. If you have five filing cabinets with four drawers each, you are spending $7,500 a year.

But wait! There are more costs to consider. Do your mobile workers have to spend time looking up information in parts catalogs, inventories, price books or delivery schedules? If all ten of your mobile workers spend a half hour per week looking this up, that costs you an additional 5 hours per week. If we hold their salaries at $20/hour, then in 45 weeks, you have an additional $4,500 lost.  

In switching to GoCanvas, this information can be prepopulated for your workers. Simply upload your reference data file to the system and map it to the appropriate fields. When your information changes, simply upload a new reference file. Within minutes you can send your changes out to an entire team. 

All together, these costs add up to $77,250 a year. Depending on how large your mobile force is, and how many hours you spend on data entry, your costs could be much higher. GoCanvas, on the other hand, costs only $210 a year per users. For that same team of 10 mobile workers, you’d pay $2,100. That’s under 3% the cost of your paper forms. GoCanvas is also available across platforms including Android, iOS, and Blackberry. Harness a BYOD policy that delights both your workers and your bottom line. 

These are just some of the ways that GoCanvas benefits enterprise companies. Much harder to calculate are the benefits of expanded data, more accurate calculations. Often, the data business’s gather help them reduce further redundancies such as overlapping delivery routes. GoCanvas helps large businesses see the whole picture far more clearly and make the best decisions. 

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