How Enterprise Businesses Harness Construction Mobile Apps

By nick cafferky on January 30, 2014

One of the largest sectors that use mobile apps every day is the construction industry. In a lot of situations, both use mobile apps in a very similar capacity: safety inspections, work orders, etc.

You can't always discuss issues face-face. Mobile apps can help you share the data fast (NRCgov, source)

But for the bigger companies that have several users and even multiple sites, construction mobile apps become even more powerful. The time and money saved can increase drastically.

Why the big change in use? Well, it starts with keeping employees accountable. Enterprise companies are using mobile apps every day for timesheets that their workers fill out. Filling it out takes 60 seconds and BOOM, they’re back to work. They can also use the GPS snapshot feature to verify that they are actually at the job site and not, let’s say, at home on the couch watching ESPN. 

Are they really on site? How can you know with paper? (islandjoe, source)

Timesheets are just a small use of construction mobile apps though when you look at inspections and work orders — primarily because of our ability to upload reference data. Reference data allows users to upload information via an Excel spreadsheet and have it auto-populate fields within their app. So, if you’re inspecting a piece of equipment, you can have your employee select it from a drop-down and information such as the manufacturer, year made and any other information they need to include is automatically filled in.

As simple as that makes things, many companies take it a step further. They take advantage of our barcode scanning feature. These businesses make it even easier for employees by saying, “Forget picking from a dropdown. Scan the code right there and everything else will be filled in.”

Finally, in regards to work orders, many bigger companies elect to get a custom PDF of their forms made. Remember that paper form you gave us to turn into an app? Well, a ton of companies want the app to make something that looks exactly like their old forms. This goes double if it is something that they are emailing to customers. After all, if you’re a big company, looking professional is truly the name of the game.

When it comes to enterprise companies, there are always a lot of moving parts, and efficiency is your best friend. Having employees save 30 seconds each day on timesheets or a few minutes on a work order adds up quickly.

Scores of companies have realized this and are already using mobile apps to avoid the pitfalls of paper.  Won't you join them?

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