How Digitizing Workflow Can Increase Efficiency by 25%

By keith bateman on August 15, 2016

Workflow with Canvas

What is Workflow?

“The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.”
– The Dictionary

In a formal sense, the above definition of workflow is correct. In a simpler sense, workflow is the means to which data is transferred through people or departments until it is fully completed. In many cases, paper forms are being manually passed along in order to be reviewed, signed, and approved. The industries that heavily involve workflow structures into their businesses include Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Retail, and more.

Paper Workflow vs. Digital Workflow

paper records vs. digital workflow

“Why would someone choose a process that takes days or weeks to complete when there is an option to do it in just minutes or hours?”
– A Rational Co-worker

In most cases today, a business workflow revolves around paper and the slow process of getting that form into multiple hands in order to review and complete it. Think about it. If you have a business that has multiple project sites and home offices, the only way to “efficiently” send a paper form to another person is to scan, fax or manually drive it to them. At a minimum, this adds days, if not weeks to the process of getting this report completed since those same steps repeat for each user in the stages of the workflow.

And this all assumes that the paper form in each step of the workflow wasn’t damaged, lost, illegible. A recent PwC survey found that 7.5% of all documents are lost! So how do you avoid this mess, or if you’re currently in it, how do you improve your current process?

Workflow with Canvas

The answer is: Digital workflow through GoCanvas! With GoCanvas’ Workflow functionality, you are instantly eliminating all manual transfer of data! This is almost an immediate improvement in productivity by at least 25%! Not to mention the fact that instead of the same or multiple pieces of paper being passed around for weeks, you will not have everything filled out, transferred, and completed right from your mobile device! This means readable data, real-time notifications for approvals, and no more lost data.

How Does GoCanvas Workflow Work?

Workflow with Canvas

Setting up Workflow with GoCanvas is extremely simple! All it takes is simply mapping our your current process today, and building those same steps into the no-code, workflow builder. This enables your users to begin filling out a form from their mobile device, and transfer that information(photos, signatures, etc) to the next person’s mobile device!  The best part is, building out a digital workflow in GoCanvas can take less than 5 minutes!

Take a look at how one customer’s timesheet and payroll process works with GoCanvas Workflow  

payroll process with GoCanvas workflow

The Benefits of Digitizing Workflows

Other than the above-stated benefits of fewer lost forms, the elimination of back office data re-entry, and the increase of overall production; Workflow through GoCanvas offers total automation of every process across all departments within your business. You are also able to transfer data that you never were able to with a paper workflow process. This includes photos, GPS stamps, digital signatures, and more! Whether it be for field technicians, drivers, or remote workers; GoCanvas Workflow gives you the ability to increase visibility, reduce mistakes, and improve efficiency.

Added benefits include:

Workflow benefits

Ready to Digitize Workflow In Your Business?

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