How CDSRVS Trashed their Paperwork for Mobile Inspections

By keith bateman on January 22, 2018

The Future of Waste Management Services Has Arrived

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Quick Facts

  • Recovered 380 hours in productivity
  • Recognized $20,000 in paper-cost savings
  • Over 5,000 digital records captured monthly

Investing in Sustainable Solutions

A couple of years ago Danielle Thompson, Operations Administrator at Can Do Services, realized that paperwork was beginning to halt her business’s productivity. Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and environmentally sound services for solid waste haulers, Danielle realized that CDSRVS needed to revamp their operations. With over 60+ trucks on the road, CDSRVS had quickly outgrown the Google Forms they originally started using to capture data digitally. As they started looking at alternative platforms like Forms on Fire, they quickly found that these other programs did not have the ease of onboarding and flexibility that the GoCanvas platform provided for their expanding business.

With GoCanvas, Danielle was able to quickly develop and deploy a brand new mobile inspection process for the pickup and return of work vehicles. This immediately started making an impact on CDSRVS since almost every truck in their fleet was rented through Enterprise Rental. The inspection process ensured that damage claims against CDSRVS could now be verified or disproven with photo documentation and digital signatures via the GoCanvas records. So far this has already saved them “thousands of dollars” according to Danielle.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Danielle has gone on to design and deploy over 20+ mobile forms across two departments thus far!

Cloud-Based Organization

Implementing new technology in any business is always scary, especially to the field employees who are expected to pick it up and use it every day.

This was one of the main reasons Danielle and the team at Can Do Services chose GoCanvas. The ability to design and deploy user-friendly mobile forms in just minutes allowed them to scale their business at their own pace. It also allowed the management team a CDSRVS to quickly implement their mobile form processes to all 60+ truck drivers across 6 states. “It’s an easy user interface for our employees. They’re simply accessing one easy to use mobile platform for all their reports,” said Jim Phillips, EVP of Business Development at CDSRVS.

“It’s an easy user interface for our employees. They’re simply accessing one easy to use mobile platform for all their reports.” 

Today, over 75% of all CDSRVS employees interact with the GoCanvas platform on a daily basis. Danielle is continuing to build new mobile forms processes (almost daily) and is working on implementing new features into their mobile processes including Dispatch & Workflow. They plan to go 100% paperless and to implement GoCanvas companywide in 2018!

Gaining the Technological Edge

Since implementing GoCanvas as their primary tool for collecting, storing and sharing data, Can Do Services has fully embraced cloud-based technology throughout their organization. They’ve implemented GoCanvas features such as Folders to manage their work process and Departments to efficiently organize their employees as well as field data.

So far this, along with a host of other mobile process improvements, has helped them recover over 350 hours in productivity!

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