How 3 Enterprise Industries Use GoCanvas Business Apps

By Jason Good on October 29, 2013

A wide variety of organizations use GoCanvas, from your neighborhood plumber to national retailers.  While we may be known for helping small organizations, GoCanvas is a great fit for large organizations too. Below, see how organizations in retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications benefit from GoCanvas mobile apps. 


For larger retailers, it isn’t easy to maintain multiple locations across an entire country or region of the world. They must collect a lot of data about each of those locations in order to maintain them properly and ensure that local stores follow instructions from headquarters. Getting paper forms back to headquarters? What a headache!

One of our clients in the United Kingdom is in the grocery business and had this problem.  They have stores all over the country and a team of over 200 remote workers. These workers are responsible for all stores in different geographical territories.  

Now, the team collects data about each store and transmits that back to their home office.  No longer does headquarters need to wait days for paper forms to analyze the data: With real time submissions and API web services, they can analyze the information faster. Faster analysis means faster decisions, crucial for enterprises in a globalized world.


Another customer provides fencing materials for builders and contractors.  Their materials are sold in big box stores all over the United States.  Their sales team uses GoCanvas to report on their customer visits.  They have over 100 salespeople out in the field managing all of their big box customer locations.

They wanted to combine their own inventory information with the data their sales team was gathering. Our Reference Data feature was the perfect fit! It auto-populates fields for remote workers. This allows the user to skip entering data by hand and move faster. This customization allows enterprises to combine the power of GoCanvas with their own data, creating a powerful synergistic effect in the field.


If you’ve ordered satellite TV, then you are used to the person that comes out and installs the satellite on your roof.   One of our large customers is an installation company contracted by satellite companies.  They have about 100 field workers in the USA.  

Families Are Happy When the TV Works

At each job, they must fill out a work order on GoCanvas.  They take pictures of the satellite, the wiring, and even a picture of the customer’s TV to prove that the service was working!  Through GoCanvas, their field workers submit their work orders to the home office.  Their pay is even contingent upon submitting the right data.  Canvas allows for easy use of tech, without dragging the IT department around town.

Want More?

No matter what industry you are in: GoCanvas can help your enterprise lose the headache and stress of paperwork. Want to learn more about how GoCanvas can help your enterprise organization? Contact us today!

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