Hot Tub Company Warms Up to Paperless Solutions; Goes Mobile with GoCanvas on Android

By andy adams on February 15, 2013

A Hot Tub installation company based out of Connecticut has begun replacing their paper forms with Custom GoCanvas Apps.  This particular company specializes in custom-built hot tubs to meet the needs of their customers, operating on a national level.  They provide customers with on-site consultations, give a wide variety of component and feature choices, and handle the process all the way through installation. 

When designing the ideal hot tub for any location, there’s a lot of data that must be captured. The traditional method of capturing this data would be to complete detailed paper forms, including everything from hot tub type (in-ground hot tub, jacuzzi hot tub, walk-in tub, etc.), to the tub's specifications, site details, purchase orders and warranties. The hot tub installer then bring these forms back to the office to be entered, indexed, and filed.  While this method has proven effective, there are always improvements that can be made. 

Between the time lapse that occurs from the data being collected to the data being entered into their in office systems and the time spent actually re-entering and filing the data, paper forms leave plenty of room for efficiency increases. Not to mention the potential cost of losing a paper form that contained a purchase order, generally valued in the thousands of dollars.

In the latter half of last year, the company began looking into a custom mobile solution that would alleviate some of these inefficiencies and potential problems, that’s where GoCanvas came in. Through multiple custom GoCanvas applications, they are now able to collect all relevant data on their Android tablets and submit it back to the office, instantaneously.  Through use of features such as Reference Data, they have even been able to populate their app with their entire product offering (including the specifications and options for each Spa Model) helping their hot tub installers dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete their 'paperwork.' These completed forms are instantly sent to Canvas’s secured server where they are automatically indexed and can even be distributed back to their customers as PDFs. 

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