HLM Property Management Surveyors Lose the Clipboard and Choose GoCanvas

By katie simpson on November 18, 2013

HLM Property Management Surveyors is an established property management company specializing in block management throughout the UK. Previously, they were struggling with their inspections. Surveying properties around the country was an important part of their work.  They would go from property to property recording their inspections the way people had for years with clipboards and pens!

HLM wanted to change for a few reasons. First, as they inspected properties they wanted photos. But, with paper forms, that’s easier said than done! They had to carry a camera with them, print out the image and attach it to their report.  This process was such a hassle that many reports didn’t include photos.

Second, as a successful company, HLM inspects buildings all over the UK. Getting paper reports back to their home office was slow and inefficient. The time lag grew as well due to time needed for data entry!

HLM found a solution to both of these issues with GoCanvas. Taking photos became one click as part of their form. HLM also gets better quality data. Photos are always with the correct report. Up in the cloud, their reports are safe from the hazards of life like coffee. Even better? Each report is immediately available in the cloud. Hours or days to get back to the office? It’s instantaneous with GoCanvas.

Where will they go next? HLM has hired on more inspectors and continues to grow. The future looks bright for them, and we’re happy to be along for the ride.