Hiring Your Security Team: Tips for a Better Mobile Workforce

By Michael Benedict on May 13, 2015

Tips for a Better Mobile WorkforceLots of companies have to manage remote employees today. And any type of mobile team can be tough to manage on a daily basis, but if you are running a security company, you have an added layer of complexity that can affect your largely mobile workforce and your entire business.

You can’t drop in on people all the time to make sure they’re doing their jobs. But when situations get critical, as they often do in the security industry, how do you know your staff will react properly?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a steady job growth of 12.1 percent for the profession between 2012 and 2022 in the United States. And in Europe, where industry revenues are more than USD$200 billion annually, private security companies have employed more officers than public police forces since 2004.

So managing workers remotely — and doing it effectively — is going to become even more important for the security industry in the coming years.

How will you ensure that you have the best and most qualified team?

You start with vigorous prospect vetting. Good practice and most governments’ regulations require that you adhere to rigorous standards.

  • Each security officer candidate to whom you offer a job must be licensed
  • They must also be 18 or 21 years of age
  • Each candidate must pass a criminal background check

You’ll also need to demonstrate that your officer candidates have received proper training. Required training varies by state, as do additional details like whether your staff will carry firearms or not. And any training must take place — and be documented — before you can actually hire.

Continue to monitor and ensure compliance

The regulations don’t stop with hiring — they continue long after. Many states have regulations concerning “good moral conduct” and against drinking on the job and drug use. It’s your job as the manager to enforce the standards and keep your team as top performers. How do you prove you are complying?

Here are some tips:

  • Consider conducting random in-person spot checks. You’ll confirm that officers aren’t drinking alcohol or using drugs on the job, but you’ll also get the chance to conduct some rare direct supervision of your officer.
  • Any employee arrested for any offense related to the performance of his or her job, such as driving under the influence or battery, should be suspended without pay until such time as the employee is acquitted or charges dropped.
  • Pay careful attention to unscheduled absences. Everyone gets sick occasionally, but sometimes an injury can be self-inflicted. Consider requiring a doctor’s note after the first or second unscheduled absence.

You can’t ease up. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope that newly hired and trained staff do a good job. What are the best ways to manage your mobile security workforce to make them more efficient, accountable, and effective?

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Managing Your Mobile Security Force in 5 Simple Steps

Manage Your Mobile Security Force in 5 Simple Steps