Here’s a Method Making Lockout/Tagout Procedure Easy

By katie simpson on October 31, 2014

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Lockout/tagout, it’s a complicated, difficult part of your work. You’re not alone in struggling to maintain compliance with this: OSHA reported in 2012 that lockout/tagout was the fifth most common violation.

Those fines aren’t cheap: Let’s imagine you’re a small manufacturing company with 100 machines and no lockout/tagout program. If OSHA finds out, you’re looking at more than $7,000,000 in potential fines.

But with a variety of equipment, creating a thorough procedure can be difficult if not cumbersome. How do you ensure that people understand the correct procedure and follow it? A mobile lockout/tagout checklist can be a great way to train and ensure that your employees are safe.

Never skip a step

When learning a new procedure, it’s easy to forget a step. If you have various new machines, or just a new employee, they could easily forget some parts of your lockout or tagout. Just working day to day, it’s tempting to skip corners. At the end of a long day? The temptation can be even worse. 

But with a mobile lockout/tagout checklist, you can make each step required. Whether on smartphone, tablet, or PC, the employee has to check off on all steps. If they miss a required step, they won’t be allowed to submit the app. 

These required fields can help test new employees quickly and easily. Because employees won’t be able to submit their checklist, they’ll get immediate feedback that they need to go back and fix their mistakes. With seasoned employees, required fields ensure that they’re following the rules too. 

Photo confirmation

With a paper form, it’s easy for someone to say they followed the lockout or tagout procedure. But there’s no proof.

Going mobile allows you to take photos quickly and easily inside your checklist. With one click you can get high resolution photos of the work, confirming it happened. Not only does it hold employees accountable, but also provides visual proof that your company is maintaining great safety.

Safe, secure storage

These safety checks are crucial not only to keep your employees safe but also to protect your organization. Yet paper forms are easy to lose, damage, or misfile. Executives, for instance, waste six weeks a year looking for lost documents. Do you have that much time to look for your lockout/tagout checklists?

A lockout/tagout mobile checklist sends all filled forms straight to the cloud. Once an employee hits Submit it goes there directly. At GoCanvas you can even name your submissions based on entries in your checklist. For instance, you can have them named by date, and employee that fills out the submission.

Going with the cloud reduces your storage and filing costs. You’ll never worry about losing your form, or misfiling it. Just easy to read, constantly available information at your fingertips.

Changing needs? Apps can change too

Even if OSHA’s rules don’t change or another decade, your business can grow and change over time. Perhaps you’ll get new equipment or need to add or remove parts of your procedure.

With a mobile app, making these changes is incredibly easy. At GoCanvas, you can edit any app in your account free of charge. It requires no coding, just drag and drop what you want to add into the builder, or delete a section you want to get rid of. Within seconds, you can update your app to reflect your business.

Sharing an updated app with your employees is easy to: as soon as you publish it, a new notification shows up on your users phone. You never have to worry about your employees using the wrong form, or getting confused by new additions to your lockout/tagout procedure.


If you’re struggling with lockout/tagout procedure, a mobile app can be a great way of training employees, creating accurate procedures, and safely storing these important records. Checkout out our Application Store’s Lockout/Tagout templates

You can have faster and easier safety compliance

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