The One PPE You Can’t Afford to Overlook

By katie simpson on December 2, 2014

You risk more than your hands and feet with loud equipment. Photo credit: lumaxart via photopin cc

We protect our hands, our heads, even our eyes, but there’s one part of the body we tend to overlook in staying safe: our ears. The cost of this is huge for health and business. The CDC found that a 25 year old carpenter has hearing similar to a 50 year old. About 22 million workers in the USA are exposed to hazardous noise levels, and annually we’re spending $242 million on worker’s comp for hearing disability.

Hearing impairments can create short term problems for businesses as well: exposure to loud noises can cause anxiety and nausea, making it difficult for employees to concentrate and do their best work.

So how do you ensure that employees are protected and your environment is safe? More than strategy, you need to implement: that includes training, frequent inspections, and oversight. Going to a mobile app for training and inspections can ensure a strong hearing protection program, with easy oversight for management.

Clear Training, Faster Feedback

When learning, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by a host of new procedures. Using paper documents, it can take longer to realize a new employee has made a mistake. That delay can also make learning slower. Faster feedback creates maximum reinforcement for new employees, and ensures that the lesson sticks.

Training with a mobile app allows for faster feedback and a more rigorous process. All training records become available instantly in the cloud. So trainers can quickly correct mistakes of new employees. They’ll also have clear documentations when training is over, proving employees are ready to get working.

Employees can enjoy easy to read text, helping explain how to do their hearing inspections. Fields can also have specific types of entries allowed: from a checkbox, or number required. This restricts the possibility of errors, helping employees understand inspections faster.

Frequent and Stronger Inspections

More than just saying you’ll do inspections: you need to do them often to ensure your worksite is safe. But with paper, it’s hard to verify that they happened the day the employee said they did. How often do forms come back to the office only half completed, or victims of dirt, coffee, or an ambiguous grease stain?

A mobile app can ensure you have frequent and more accurate inspections. You can include automatic date and time in the app. So when your employee opens the app on their Android, Apple, Blackberry, or Windows device, the time stamp is automatically entered. Your employee can focus on the inspection, and you get proof it happened.

Required fields also ensure you get a full inspection. Even if an employee skips over a field in the form, the app won’t allow them to submit their inspection. Only by filling all required fields will they be able to finish the inspection.

By going with a mobile hearing inspection, you’ll enjoy stronger and faster information than ever before.

Improved and Easier Oversight

With paper forms, it can take days or weeks to get an understanding of your site’s safety. An inspection could happen at the beginning of the day, but not come back to your office until the end of an employee’s shift, or a week later when they finally stop by the office. Then, the information needs to be filed or entered into a database.

Want a report? You’ll probably need to spend a few hours putting all those separate inspections into one file. By the time you’ve done all that, you could be days or weeks behind what’s happening on the ground.

With safety, you don’t have that much time to fix a problem. A mobile hearing inspection can help you improve oversight on your employees’ safety. All inspections will come back to your office in real time. From there, it’s easy to integrate these submissions with your own backend system through our open API or export as an excel or csv file.

What once took days or weeks can now happen in minutes. Less work for you and your employees, and more time to ensure that your company provides the safest and most productive environment.


Occupational hearing loss is a hazard we often forget about. But, a mobile app for training and hearing inspections, can help protect your employees and business. You’ll have faster and more thorough training. Inspections will be accurate and accessible in real time. Finally, real-time information and integration possibilities make your oversight easier and faster than ever before.

Saving time and money while a stronger safety program? It’s possible by going mobile. 

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