Have a Case of the Mondays? Try our Productivity Playlist

By katie simpson on February 24, 2014

Struggling to get started? You aren’t alone. Photo credit: Evil Erin via photopin cc

Are you struggling to get through your Monday? Studies show that music can actually help by releasing dopamine in the reward area of the brain. It can also help you make better decisions, lift your mood, and make Monday into a more fun day. Everyone has a different go to for their music. At GoCanvas, it’s no different. Here’s some of the music we listen to as we ease back into the work week. 

1.  Slow Electronic Build Up


Both our office manager Nick and web developper, Kam, enjoy electronic. These songs build up to great energetic beats, without the lyrics to get in the way of your work. 

2. Rocking to Flogging Molly

One of our web developers, James, loves Pandora. He makes channels with Flogging Molly, Gangastagrass and churns out great code. 

3. Still Enjoying Disney

Melanie, one of our mobile app consultants, loves listening to Disney. Not only is it safe for work, but also leaves a smile on her face. 

4.  Top 100 Standby’s


Top 100 is a standby in our office. From Jason, our research associate, to Kalliopi a senior mobile app consultant, this music gets your blood pumping!

5. Ease Your Way Into Work 

Lynn, our newest graphic designer, sticks with more mellow indie in her playlists. The music isn’t perfect for dancing, but it helps her ease into the day.

6. Tapping Feet with Americana

While I love a lot of different music, Americana music is probably my favorite. This song by the Civil Wars helps me get started writing at the beginning of the week. 

So what are you listening to? Let us know!