HAFSCO Goes Paperless with Foodservice Work Order App on Samsung Galaxy Tablets Provided by Verizon

By Jason Good on November 26, 2012


HAFSCO, founded in 1934, is a full service foodservice company located in West Haven, CT that provides commercial kitchen design, sales, and service along with consulting services.  For 78 years HAFSCO has provided superior solutions and outstanding customer service.  They have also used paper forms for all of those years.  They recently made the decision to use Samsung Galaxy Tablets and GoCanvas to complete their work order forms electronically and made the startling discovery that about 25% of their work orders had not been getting invoiced.

HAFSCO serves a wide variety of customers including universities, restaurants, country clubs, delis, hotels, and any other facility that has a commercial kitchen.  They have 7 technicians out in the field that previously carted around paper work orders to be filled in at each job.  Verizon and GoCanvas worked together to provide a mobile solution using Samsung Galaxy tablets and a customized work order app created with Canvas’s powerful App Builder tool.  Paper forms and all of the problems they cause are now a thing of the past!

Using their GoCanvas work order app they are able to capture all of the customer information, the parts they use to make repairs, the costs, the time they start and stop the job, and a customer signatureTime card apps are very popular with GoCanvas subscribers, but many do what HAFSCO has done, which is to just include the time they start and stop jobs on their work orders or invoices.  These work orders are emailed back to the office where an invoice can be generated right away from their billing system. By invoicing right away they are then able to collect payment much sooner.

HAFSCO also uses GoCanvas to audit their billing.  All data collected with GoCanvas is stored in the cloud on Canvas’s servers where GoCanvas subscribers can access it anytime they wish.  HAFSCO logs into their GoCanvas account and visits the “Submissions” area to view all work orders that have been submitted by their mobile users.  They export the data in a CSV file for the time period they are interested in.  They then check them against what has actually been billed in their system to ensure that all work is being invoiced.  And knowing each call that is made they can also confirm very easily if a work order was actually submitted.  Sure, you can do this with paper, too, but it would take a lot longer.  It might take so much longer that it is never actually done.  Having all of their work orders in a CSV file that can be opened in Excel allows them to quickly sort the data and audit it very quickly.

HAFSCO learned during the first few months of using GoCanvas that about 25% of their work orders were not getting invoiced.  Previously they had no idea how many work orders were not getting invoiced because the paper process was too cumbersome.  This is saving them thousands of dollars.  And you know what they are going to do with their savings?  HIRE MORE PEOPLE. And that is what this economy needs.

Making the small investment to go paperless can save any organization thousands and thousands of dollars.  Not sending out an invoice for work you performed with parts that you paid for and employees that you paid for is a huge drain on your bottom line.  How much money does using paper forms cost your business or organization?  Well, there is the cost of paper alone but the real cost comes from all of the inefficiencies created by paper forms.  Take a look at this Return on Investment calculator to see how much GoCanvas can save your organization…


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