Guest Blog: Think Pink!  Mobile Apps for Cancer Prevention and Care Apps.

By Michael Benedict on October 23, 2012
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Think Pink Mobile Apps

Think Pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; this is an annual event to promote awareness of the disease. Most women are aware of breast cancer, but many fail to remember to take the steps necessary to detect the disease in its early stage and encourage others to do the same. GoCanvas and Black Bee Mobile have just released a series of apps to help women with early detection, as well as apps to help after diagnosis and during treatment.

Black Bee Mobile has launched a number of cancer prevention and care apps to help women in the fight against breast cancer. These apps include prevention apps such as the Breast Self Exam Record, treatment planning apps like the Breast Cancer Adjuvant Treatment Plan and Summary, and numerous medical records and logs like the Cancer Treatment Log, Cancer: Complete Blood Count (CBC) Record, Cancer: Appointment Notes, Cancer: Important Care Contacts, Cancer: My History, Cancer: Test Results and Cancer: Insurance Discussion Record. Feel free to browse the entire GoCanvas library of Health Care & Social Service applications by clicking here.

Switching to mobile apps means always having access to important medical information. All apps can be uploaded and stored using Canvas’s HIPPA compliant cloud and can be easily shared with members of your Health Care Team.

If you don’t find an app that fits your needs, or have a medical form you’re using today that you would like to enable on a mobile device, please let us know.  Experience going paperless when you Sign Up  for a free trial.

Even though October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GoCanvas wants to help women to be aware every month. Create an Early Detection Plan!