Guest Blog: Safety-Link Consulting on Health & Safety at Work Week

By kalliopi vlastos on October 19, 2012

Safety Link Apps

As one would expect from a Health & Safety risk assessment provider, Safety-Link Consulting believes that safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and should be high on the list of top priorities for any business. However, in reality, many companies push Health & Safety down the to-do list, whether that’s creating/updating policies or carrying out a site safety plan. While you would presume all companies would never wish harm on their employees, the fact is that failing to keep up-to-date with workplace Health & Safety could very well be putting them in harm’s way.

That’s why Safety-Link Consulting is in full support of the European Health & Safety at Work Week which is taking place from Monday 22nd October this year. It is a timely and often much-needed reminder to companies around Europe to take the time to consider if they are putting their managers and employees at risk in any way and encouraging them to seek support from Health & Safety professionals such as Safety-Link Consulting.

This is a key way in which the European Health & Safety at Work Week is helpful: reminding companies that they are not alone and that they have at their disposal a raft of resources and support companies which will assist them in reaching their Health & Safety goals. For instance, Safety-Link Consulting advises on risk management in the workplace; keeps clients abreast of the latest Health & Safety legislation; and can arrange for a safety inspection report and Pat testing. In short, just about anything a company needs to keep their premises and – most importantly – their people, healthy and safe. The company has even created its own series of highly practical safety apps – a Safety App for iPhone or Android facilitates compliance with all relevant legislation with the convenience of a mobile application. Additional pre-made applications for Health & Safety can be found right within the GoCanvas Application Store. 

Companies can pick up other useful strategies to help ensure Health & Safety compliance during European Health & Safety at Work Week here. To find out further information on Safety-Link Consulting’s services go to