Great Lakes Maintenance Streamlines Business by Moving Daily Service Report to GoCanvas on iPhones

By Jason Good on May 24, 2012

Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions LLCEver wondered who installs and maintains all of those lighted signs and branded canopies at your local gas station?  Or what about all of those gas pumps?  One of my favorite things about working at GoCanvas is learning about what businesses small and large are doing out there in the world.  And I’m telling you, a lot of really interesting stuff is going on right in front of me that I don’t necessarily think about.  Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions LLC recently started using GoCanvas and they are behind a lot of the things you see and use when pumping gas into your car.  Much like the gas stations they upgrade, they have now upgraded to the latest mobile technology for capturing time and materials used on each job they do. 

Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions provides petroleum fueling equipment maintenance to its customers throughout the Great Lakes Region of Michigan. Their services range from image installation, canopy installation and maintenance, service repair, equipment maintenance, as well as compliance testing of petroleum equipment to sales of petroleum equipment (dispensers, nozzles, tanks, hoses, vents, tank monitors, fuel management systems).

Previously Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions was using paper to capture time and materials for each job.  Paper forms are easily lost, destroyed, illegible, not filled in completely, and are usually required to be driven back to the office.  All of these scenarios delay the ability to invoice customers, close out jobs, and ultimately collect payment.  Office administrators or accounting personnel in the office are the ones that then have to sort out these issues caused by paper forms and it drives them CRAZY!  Phone calls are made. Emails and text messages are sent.  And a lot of “back and forth” goes on to collect the data they need.  And worse, they get buried with tons of paper forms that employees have kept in their trucks for days and days at a time.  Within GoCanvas you can make fields “required”, too, and that is definitely something you can’t do with paper!

Since deploying GoCanvas, Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions’ process is much cleaner and a lot more efficient.  They built a customized GoCanvas App using our powerful App Builder.  This tool allowed them to specify the exact information they wanted to collect on each job.  It includes the time they start a job, the time they finish, whether the work is billable or covered by warranty, whether the work is complete or not, the mileage travelled to do the work, comments about the work, photos, and some other items.

All of this information can be emailed right away back to the office so the data can be entered into their computer system right away.  The forms are easier to read.  Invoices can be generated.  Payment can be collected sooner.  And the personnel in the office are much happier now, which is always a good thing!  Everyone is spending less time on administrative work and more time doing work for their customers.

Thank you, Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions, for using GoCanvas!  We’re glad we can play a small part in improving your business!