8 Ways GoCanvas Can Help Your Small Business

By Nick Mirisis on January 27, 2021
Tags: Data Collection

How GoCanvas Can Help Your Small Business

GoCanvas is designed to increase productivity, reduce the time needed to complete complicated data collection processes, and save your small business money. Learn more here about how GoCanvas can help you optimize your small business.

Convert Your Paper Forms To Digital Versions

GoCanvas makes it easier to capture, edit, share, and store the information essential to your small business. With your GoCanvas account, you can easily convert your paper processes and forms to mobile versions. This allows you to take the information essential to your company with you everywhere you go and access it at any time right from your mobile device. Additionally, you can create a more eco-friendly business model and save money on paper, file cabinets, ink cartridges, shredding, and more.

Expand the Mobile Presence of your Small Business

Often lacking the tools and resources expendable to larger companies, it can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with the rapidly-growing transition to mobile-optimized services. GoCanvas is working to bridge this gap and help small businesses easily mobilize their paper-based processes. Using GoCanvas can help you keep your small business profitable and competitive.

Share Data Quickly and Easily

Quickly share your work orders, inspections, estimates and other documents with your customers and employees. GoCanvas allows you to accelerate your internal and external processes with immediate digital sharing capabilities. Switching to GoCanvas eliminates the risk of lost, damaged, and incomplete paper forms as well as reduces communication issues caused by illegible handwriting. Use GoCanvas to accelerate your business processes by getting information to clients faster than ever, while eliminating the headaches caused by paper-based processes.

Streamline Workflows

Get your entire team on the same page using GoCanvas dispatch. Assign tasks, create custom inspection checklists and more while at the office and send directly to your field techs. You can even send custom apps and forms directly to your employee’s mobile devices. Use GoCanvas to keep your employees informed, get your company organized, and communicate with ease to ensure everything gets done exceptionally and on time.

Simplify Customization and Increase Brand Awareness

Rather than ordering custom-made paper forms with your company’s logo, you can easily create these custom forms using GoCanvas. This simple customization is enabled with GoCanvas’s ‘drag-and-drop’ form builder tool, which allows you to add a personal touch to every one of your mobile form apps, including logo, fonts, colors and more. GoCanvas’s easy customization saves you money and extends the reach of your small business brand as you add your custom look to every form, document, and checklist you create.

Create Impressive Apps and Access Dynamic Integrations

GoCanvas eliminates the need to manually rekey data from paper forms. Integrate the information you capture in the GoCanvas app directly into your accounting software and other software such as DropBox, Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft Excel, Evernote and more.

Access Powerful Features For Small Businesses

GoCanvas knows how difficult it can be for small businesses to stay ahead in competitive markets. The GoCanvas system simplifies challenging processes and makes dynamic features easily accessible to small businesses. This includes:

  • Payment Processing: Small business payments are now easier than ever! Simply process payments using your Square-enabled GoCanvas app.
  • Work Online or Offline: GoCanvas features allow users to work offline, so you can access your GoCanvas account from almost anywhere.
  • Business Insights: GoCanvas can synthesize data from your internal app usage (submissions) and upload this information into a spreadsheet to help you understand your business and optimize your performance.
  • Electronic Signatures: e-signatures are essential to the success of small businesses working through mobile platforms. This is why GoCanvas created easy-to-use electronic signature capabilities.

Each of the GoCanvas features was designed to simplify your work and help your small business stand out from the rest. Explore these and other GoCanvas offerings with a free trial of ALL of the GoCanvas features, including our most advanced business tools.

Get Started Immediately – No IT Help Required

The GoCanvas systems and processes are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so assistance is rarely required. Additionally, GoCanvas has step-by-step guides for all of the platform’s tools and processes, as well as available on-screen guidance while you work. If all else fails, you can request support at any time, and the GoCanvas customer support team will provide direct assistance to your small business

Get GoCanvas

Ready to revolutionize the way that you work? Take advantage of these benefits and others when your small business partners with GoCanvas. Download the GoCanvas app and create a free account for your small business today!