Getting Started with GoCanvas for Data Collection in 3 Easy Steps

By abdullah pathan on November 12, 2013

You’ve done the research, made your choice, and are ready to get started collecting data!

But…where do you start with GoCanvas? Great question, as a GoCanvas pro, I’m here to help. Here are my three steps:

One: Get an App

GoCanvas provides a few options for your app

a)     Build your own. Unleash your creativity: a mobile app is your own customized product used to store data for YOUR needs. Whether it be for your personal use, team, family, or someone else, take control of your data by choosing what data you need. GoCanvas makes it easy to build yours from scratch.

b)   Download one from our app store. Are you “on-the-go” or a busy bee? no problem: download a mobile app from the Application Store! Love an invoice or an inspection but want to make a few changes? Every app you get from our store is customizable to fit your needs. 

c)    Customize without breaking a sweat. Want even less hassle? Send us your form and let GoCanvas convert it for free

Two: Collect Your Data

Let’s boot that baby up and collect data! There are several articles in the help topic that can show you how to do this but let’s quickly review:

a)      Have your device ready with the GoCanvas application (download here if you don’t have it on your device yet)

b)      Sign in with your Username and Password to your account

c)   Next you’ll be taken to a list of your mobile apps ready to use for data collecting!

Use your personalized mobile app to start capturing data for whichever purposes you have! Enjoy the various ways to collect with Canvas: pictures, signatures, dates, lists, notes, and other pieces of data can be saved and stored in your device as data!

Three: Hit Done, Enjoy your Data

You can upload your submission on the next screen! You collected data, stored it and have it saved for your own viewing pleasure whenever you want in your own account!

 Once you’ve collected and submitted the data from a single app. Enjoy easy access to your data in the GoCanvas organized server. Rest easy knowing that your data is secure, easy to view, and personal to you.

Need a Helping Hand?

At GoCanvas, we’re always happy to help. Feel free to contact us and we’ll answer any questions or comments you have.