Getting Multiple Departments Within Your Enterprise to Adopt Business Apps

By Michael Benedict on October 18, 2013

When you first start using GoCanvas, you may have one specific app in mind.  What makes our business apps unique, however, is that you can transition most, if not all of your paperwork – no matter what kind – to mobile apps.  Here are some areas that can use Canvas:

Accounting.  Canvas has several expense report apps from simple Travel Expense Reports to Expense Reimbursement Requests to Gas Mileage Reimbursements. Now employees can document expenses, take photos of receipts and submit immediately for approval.

Human Resources.   With GoCanvas you can now have all potential employees complete State-Specific Job Applications on a mobile device while at your office.  Current employees who use GoCanvas can complete their Time off Requests, Overtime Requests and even Employee Appraisals on their mobile devices and submit them directly to you.

Safety Teams.   This afternoon I was walking by a driveway being repaved in NYC. It made me wonder if the workers were wearing the proper safety equipment, and whether those paving machines had been inspected before being used.

With GoCanvas, those workers could pull out their mobile device and run through a quick safety check before starting the job.  A few minutes of upfront safety checks could prevent an injury, property damage or more. GoCanvas has Personal Protective Equipment-Inspections,  all kinds of Equipment Inspections, and a multitude of Vehicle Inspections.  Check them out and get your workers to start performing regular safety checks!

You can find and download all these apps by searching the GoCanvas Application Store.  Remember! With GoCanvas, there is NO limit on the number of apps you can use – and every one of them is FREE!  If you are already using and paying for GoCanvas, there are so many more ways GoCanvas can help your business!

Contact us at and we will help you out.