Gaston College Upgrades Writing Center with GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPads

By scott shea on November 20, 2012

Gaston College Upgrades Writing Center with GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPadsWhen you think of a college writing center these days you probably picture a room full of computers with students and instructors working.  The days of a writing center actually involving pen and paper are long gone.  Gaston College, located in Dallas, North Carolina, decided take the next step and update all of its processes in the writing center.  After all, now that students and instructors are using technology to enhance writing abilities, why not embrace the powers of technology for other uses as well.  After discovering GoCanvas, Gaston found how easy it was to develop Custom Mobile Apps that captured all the information that was relevant in the Writing Center.

Employees from the college discovered GoCanvas and signed up for a free trial.  The trial period gives access to all the functionality of a paying customer.  Gaston College certainly took advantage of the offer.  Using the GoCanvas App Builder, the writing center was well on its way.  The builder is user friendly consisting of all drag and drop features.  So whether you want to create a simple text box, a value list, or dates and times, they are all right there to be used.

Gaston quickly built two apps that were previously filled out by instructors with an antiquated clipboard.  The first app is a Proof of Attendance.  It very simply captures the date, name of the student and writing coach, and the topics discussed at the session.  The second app is a Post-Session Assessment which delves a little further in to what type of assignment they were working on and for what class.  Once this information is filled in on the iPad, the Writing Coach can submit the entry.  The data will immediately be sent to our servers and store on the GoCanvas Cloud.  The information is now at the fingertips of anyone with access to the account so everything can be neatly tracked.  You can even search all the submissions by any field in the app to bring up pertinent submissions.

Gaston College now has a solution that they can customize and track all of the sessions held.  No longer do they have to re-enter data into a system or worry about lost or damaged documents.  Everything is done right on the iPad and stored on the cloud to be reviewed whenever convenient. Learn more about the Gaston College’s Writing Center.

If you are looking to take your business paperless, sign up for a free trial!  We have dedicated Mobile Apps Consultants that will be here to guide you through the process and answer any questions. You can also check out the GoCanvas App Builder to build your own app like Gaston.  GoCanvas also has thousands of pre-built applications that may suit your needs.  You can browse them in the GoCanvas Application Store.

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