From Chemical to Agriculture GoCanvas is Coming to India!

By katie simpson on October 3, 2013

The next stop on our grand Asia-Pacific tour is India! We’re not coming to see games of cricket or Bollywood movies, but to meet with businesses about eliminating wasted time and money due to paper-based processes. Whether you are in the chemical or agricultural industry, GoCanvas has mobile apps for your needs.


From adhesives to methanol, forms are a part of the chemical business. From safety inspections to storing and handling checklists, these forms help you run your business. Still, forms require intensive amount of time to fill out and then enter into your databases. Filling them out in an environment with chemicals can also damage forms, losing precious information. Often multiple pages long, every organization has lost if not entire forms, then pages from them.

Our mobile apps erase all these pain points. Our apps include options for drop down menus and pre-populated fields, making your inspections faster. We give you full control on building and customizing your apps too.  If you need specific fields, making them required will ensure no submission will return to your office without that info!

Do you need a special ruggedized device? Or perhaps you have a variety of smart phones and tablets? It doesn’t matter with Canvas: we work on a variety of platforms. Compatible platforms include iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. We tailor to your needs, not the other way around.

GoCanvas guarantees real time access to your data. Once a form is submitted, it immediately uploads to the cloud. Download your data as a CSV file or use one of our many API integrations for seamless backend integration to your databases. Around the world, organizations have saved thousands of hours with our apps.


Whether you are in seed or spice production, it takes more than water and sun to run a successful agricultural business. From irrigation conditions to pest control, forms help you collect data to make the best decisions for your business.

Still, no matter what size of your organization, gathering this information rarely occurs in your office. With paper, there’s a delay of hours or days to get important findings back to your office. GoCanvas allows you to gather information wherever your farm is and relay it back to your office in real time. Even if outside of wifi, your users can still fill out forms on our app, and submit them once they get internet access again.

Real time access to your data doesn’t just mean faster information. Now, your organization can make decisions in real time. Have too much fertilizer in one location? With GoCanvas you can know and make the call to move the fertilizer on the same day. Our mobile apps enable your organization to be more mobile and nimble in a rapidly changing world.

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