From Australia to Alabama: Why Construction Companies Choose GoCanvas Mobile Apps

By andrew cantle on April 7, 2014

Photo credit: Untitled blue via photopin cc

Builders do more than build buildings you know!

It’s true. Nowadays they can build apps as well. Seriously. Thanks to GoCanvas apps, the construction industry is now embracing mobile devices to dramatically speed up work processes and improve safety to boot.

GoCanvas enables companies to quickly and easily transfer their old paper-based forms onto their smartphones and tablets. All in mere minutes. One day they’re struggling with pens behind ears, old clipboards, and piles of paper under the seats of their vans. The next, they can be enjoying lightning fast data collection and uploads straight to the office; accumulating valuable information in a way that is actually useful.

In fact, about one in three of our customers are from the construction industry nowadays. In Australia, for example, we have three of the top five construction companies using GoCanvas on a daily basis and we only launched down under in 2012! Whether they’re building houses, skyscrapers, casinos, bridges or parks, construction companies are turning to GoCanvas to better leverage mobile technology.

Implementing GoCanvas in your company

Rolling out GoCanvas apps in your company couldn’t be easier. We have an online builder that lets you pull together all the elements you need to build apps and speed up your business. Maybe you want to be able to take photographs, capture GPS locations, scan barcodes, or capture signatures? No problem. You can do that in moments with our drag and drop interface. When you’re done, send the apps to your workers in the field for use instantly.

GoCanvas also has a vast library of thousands of pre-built apps and templates for the construction industry. So you can download something that is ready to go. Maybe even customize it to suit your needs. All backed up by our support teams who are there to help out real-time to get you up and running in no time.

Just some of the many ready to use apps in our application store. 

GoCanvas works on iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry and Windows which covers pretty much everybody.

How construction companies use mobile apps

Here are just some of the uses that construction companies are currently putting GoCanvas to:

Inspections: using the many and varied functions of GoCanvas to collect information onsite in minutes and send straight to the office.

Safety: in such a regulated industry, safety is key for construction. GoCanvas apps let users confirm that all regulations are being followed and keep T’s crossed and I’s dotted.

Timesheets: with workers being moved around from site to site and project to project, keeping track of who is doing what and when is easy when you capture the relevant data securely via GoCanvas. A Dream for HR!

Work orders: GoCanvas lets you keep a clear description of the job in hand and record details as you go, like taking photographs and annotating them.

Design: lots of companies put their catalog information into GoCanvas apps to let customers choose items like interior décor, paint schemes etc. Then both customer and builder get a digital copy on PDF at the end.

However you decide to get started, you can try GoCanvas out rapidly and at very low cost. Our customers love the fact we are a simple subscription service. Just pay month to month and enjoy our free updates as we add new features to help your business improve day by day.