Free Mechanic Work Order Form Templates

By The GoCanvas Team on October 13, 2021
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Looking for form templates to use on auto repair work? This article covers how you can leverage easy-to-use digital templates for work order forms in the automotive industry. We also share examples and templates you can get started with on the GoCanvas app store for all of your auto repair needs.


What is a mechanic work order form?

Work order forms are used by mechanics in the automotive repair industry to detail work to be performed for a client. This type of document has form fields that capture relevant details of the work, for example:

  • Vehicle details 
  • Vehicle condition
  • Service request details
  • Calculations for labor and parts
  • Signatures of customer and business owner

A mechanic work order template can be completely customized to your mechanic shop needs. While work order forms provide standard fields to collect, you will want the ability to build forms specific to the types of repairs and work orders your business provides for customers.


Benefits of Mobile Apps vs. Excel and Word 

Many businesses are switching to mobile app solutions for their vehicle repair forms and service requests. Mobile forms are replacing traditional methods like using a paper form, excel spreadsheet, or word document. Some of the challenges with spreadsheets and word document templates include:


  • Lost or misplaced documentation. Paper work or word documents can be easily lost or misplaced over time. Going digital with mobile apps ensures that you have a software solution for managing work orders in the cloud.
  • Calculation errors and mistakes. Since work orders require calculations for parts and materials, spreadsheets can be used but can often lead to errors with miscalculations. Mobile solutions provide automatic calculations, so you always provide the right price to the customer and avoid costly calculation errors.
  • Digital experience for customers. In today’s world, customers prefer to interact with a mobile device to sign electronically on work orders, estimates, and prefer to receive instant PDF reports delivered to their emails. Going digital with software and apps for work orders provides an effortless way to interact with customers leveraging a digital experience.


As more companies embrace digital technology in the workplace, it’s becoming essential to offer a digital experience to keep up with the competition or gain a competitive advantage. Consider using tools like GoCanvas for digital forms that can be used on a mobile device or tablet in the field.


Why GoCanvas for Mechanic Work Order Forms?

Consider using tools like GoCanvas for digital forms that can be used on a mobile device or tablet in the field. Here are some of the reasons mechanic shops leverage GoCanvas apps:


Single platform for managing work. Mechanic work orders are typically used in conjunction with many other business processes. For example, you may need to create an estimate, generate a work order, assign the job to a technician, collect payment, and provide an invoice to the customer. GoCanvas provides a comprehensive solution for managing work and helps to simplify these processes for your team. Ultimately, this saves your business time and money by increasing productivity and eliminating manual processes.


Pre-built and customizable templates. The GoCanvas platform is highly customizable, with no coding required to build and deploy mobile solutions. We also provide thousands of pre-built templates for use cases specific to auto repair use cases, like body repair work or glass replacements. Pick from our template library and brand PDF templates with your company’s logo and specific requirements.


Fits into your current business processes. GoCanvas is designed to work with the many cloud-based systems your business already uses today. For example, you may have finance and accounting systems, or customer relationship management (CRM) software, or even cloud document management like Google Drive and Dropbox. GoCanvas provides data integration so you can further streamline operations and save time. Capture data using our best-in-class mobile data platform and instantly sync information with other systems in your business ecosystem.


Access the Mechanic Work Order Form Template

Follow this link to access the Automotive Repair Order Form Mobile App.

This app is designed to help you quickly document vehicle information, detail the service request, list all parts, labor and shop supplies, and capture that all-important customer authorization. All parts and labor (including sale tax) are automatically calculated for you. This repair invoice template can also be used for estimates, so you can provide the customer with a detailed price estimate via a PDF emailed instantly to them for consideration. Ideal for repair shops and repair facilities of all sizes, this app can be used to provide a repair order and estimate to the customer.

Looking for something else? Search the GoCanvas app store to find additional examples and templates for mechanics and vehicle repairs.


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