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Free Material Schedule Template for Construction

By The GoCanvas Team on June 13, 2021

builder contractor at jobsite on tablet


What is a material schedule in construction?

The material schedule in construction is a document that lists all of the building materials that are required to complete the project. Material schedules are often organized based on the category for the building, with different schedules for each component. The material schedule often will include additional information such as the quantity, description, unit price, total price, and other relevant information related to the building materials.


How to prepare a material schedule in construction

For complex construction projects, there are enterprise software solutions that allow you to create a material schedule. But if you don’t have a large IT budget for technology, there are many low-cost alternatives for preparing a material schedule in construction that can help with project management. One such option to consider is using the GoCanvas material schedule template that can be built using our no-code platform for mobile forms and apps.


Why you should avoid Excel templates for a material schedule

Excel templates are available for material schedules, but this is not always the best option for businesses today. Excel is a powerful tool for analysis, but not always the right tool for every job. Some of the pitfalls of Excel templates include:

  • Human error. Information can be overwritten by mistake and it becomes hard to recognize these errors when dealing with larger volumes of data.
  • Incorrect calculations. It can be difficult to perform calculations in Excel and a formula error can lead to incorrect pricing calculations that are hard to notice.
  • Lost data. If documents are stored locally on your PC, it’s always possible that the document gets inadvertently lost or destroyed before you can save it.
  • Data is not dynamic. Most of the time in Excel the information being input is updated at a given point in time. Should prices change, the data has to be manually updated, and this can be time-consuming to keep up with.

Your contracting business can’t afford to waste time or lose money – Excel templates can become a hidden cost and drain on your business. That’s why contractors are turning to mobile apps and forms that create business efficiencies and cost savings.


Top Reasons to use GoCanvas for Material Schedule Templates

GoCanvas templates are simple for anyone to use. Using our drag and drop editor, you can create digital documents that can be used for all types of construction forms. 

Instead of using paper sheets, Google Sheets, or Excel, you can convert these documents into digital forms and apps that elevate your business operations. This can be material schedules, work orders, contracts, safety reports, and any other important documents your business uses throughout all phases of a project. Some of the top reasons to use GoCanvas templates include:

  • Secure, cloud-based data. Ensure best practices are met for data collection, using secure mobile forms and apps that digitize key business information. Ensure material schedules are accessible by anyone that needs them in real-time.
  • Integrations with other apps. Once your information is digitized, you can enrich this information with data from any other cloud-based apps your business already uses. Dynamically populate pricing information in real-time to ensure the material schedule created always has the current numbers.
  • Automatic report generation and sharing. Generate reports, gather signatures, and share documents automatically via PDF templates for material schedules.
  • Customizable form fields. Customize the form fields based on your unique business needs and do it all without any coding required. Create separate material schedules for different projects or customize the type of information that is included.
  • Embracing mobile technology. With mobile apps and forms, you can keep track of material design and parts shipments no matter where you are. Work offline from any remote location and have any information sync back to the cloud once you are able to access the internet again. 

Going digital with GoCanvas can save your construction business time and money, increase productivity, and create a competitive advantage.


Download the free material schedule template

When it comes to construction management and placing purchase orders, it can be difficult for builders to stay on top of everything that a construction project and building contract require. Use this template provided by GoCanvas to help with scheduling construction projects and tracking building materials. GoCanvas customers have found that by going digital they can save time and lower costs with apps designed for the construction industry. Management can use this app to ensure the appropriate material resources are tracked and available. The app is designed to be a planning tool to ensure the complete delivery of your construction project to your client on time through proper site preparation.

Get started with this template or simply request a demo to see how it can work for your business.